Construction Noise Next to the Hotel in Dubai: What You Can Do With It

3:07 pm  |  23.06.2023
Construction Noise Next to the Hotel in Dubai

In the city of Dubai, there are currently a lot of construction sites and therefore you have to expect construction noise. If the hotel is then right next to a construction site then this is of course not very pleasant for the guests of the hotel. What you can do in this case will we explain exactly here.

Information about Construction Noise in Dubai

As already mentioned, a lot is built in the city because demand is very big. That’s why new hotels are built. There are few hotel facilities where it is not built, where you can enjoy absolute peace. Especially with noise and noise Most tourists are always very sensitive because you want to relax on vacation and relax. Here you get useful tips as you can avoid the construction noise and can spend a nice holiday in the Emirate Dubai.

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Before Checking 

In our opinion, you should inform yourself about the location of the hotel in Dubai very well in advance. For example, if you go to a travel agency, of course, the employees have no idea about the site on-site in the city. Therefore, one should always turn to specialists, such as the Dubai Travel Agency, which is very well known on-site and visit the Emirate several times a year. So you then have a very good impression of where is just built. If you do not want to turn to a specialist then you can inform yourself in advance about the hotel on the internet at so-called rating portals. There you also get a lot of information from other hotel guests who stayed there. So you can also make an impression on the hotel.

Tour Operators Must Inform Guests

One & Only the Palm

For example, if you book a hotel with a large tour operator then this is obliged to inform guests about construction noise. Furthermore, this is usually also known very good in the city. This has staff on-site and the hotels know the hotels very well. But if the tour operator does not pass this information to the guests then you can reclaim money again if you are back home. This then shows a defect because you have not received this information from the organizer. As a rule, however, you will be informed at an early stage and you still have the opportunity to reunite free to another hotel.

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What You Should Do

But in the past, there were also numerous cases of tourists who have not been informed by the tour operator about construction noise. Maybe it has also been a rather unknown and small provider that does not know how to know well. If you feel disturbed at the hotel of Krach and noise then you should first turn to the hotel. Maybe you get another room. Furthermore, it is so many hotels in Dubai have “soundproof windows”.

Then you can not hear the crash in the hotel’s room so loud and you can sleep again at night. If you can unable to make a solution directly with the hotel then you must definitely turn to the tour operator where you have booked the accommodation. This must then check if you can stay there or not. Often it is so that one is housed in another hotel and the costs must be worn by the organizer.

Photos and Videos

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

If you can not achieve an agreement with the hotel and the tour operator then you should definitely do photos and videos. When returning, you should then turn to the organizer as soon as possible and show the shortcomings. Mostly it is so that you get compensation and get back money from the travel price. But there are also tour operators who do not react and then they should be legally advised which claims one has.

In Europe and USA, there are many lawyers who specialize in travel law. There you usually get very fast support. But you want to go on vacation in Dubai and do not have to worry about construction noise. Therefore, you should first inform yourself about the hotel so that you do not experience any disappointment on site. Many hotels also offer a free upgrade to a suite so that the hotel guest is again satisfied. Basically, you must always expect construction noise everywhere in the city. That should be known if you decide Dubai as the destination.

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Where is the Most Built Area?

Especially on The Palm Jumeirah, there are many construction sites. Currently, there are many new hotels. Therefore, you should inform yourself very well about the location. If necessary, one should turn directly to the hotel if you have questions. For example, you can call there or send an e-mail. Furthermore, it is so many construction sites in downtown Dubai. That means everything that is around the Burj Khalifa. If you just seek peace then you should book a desert resort. For example, you can book a hotel in the desert and a city hotel. This is certainly a good combination.

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