Commercial Property in Dubai: Where to Do Business

8:52 pm  |  09.08.2023

How the commercial real estate market of Dubai works, its features and types on offer – offices, commercial buildings, land for the construction of enterprises.

How the Dubai Commercial Real Estate Market Works

Dubai’s commercial real estate segment is very extensive. There are several business districts on the territory of the emirate, such as Business Bay, Downtown Dubai. There are more than 30 free economic zones here, created with the aim of developing international and local business.

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Seven industrial zones have been established in Dubai to attract large manufacturing enterprises and foreign investors to develop the industrial sector.

In Dubai, you can find almost any commercial property, from cozy offices to factories and work camps. Next, we will look at the key types of commercial properties in the emirate.

What to Consider

When deciding to invest in commercial real estate in Dubai, you need to consider the following features:

  • The average annual return on investment in local commercial real estate is 4-8%. But some properties, such as warehouses or work camps, are currently in high demand and may show rates of 9-13%.
  • Liquidity affects the bottom line. For example, public parking is a profitable asset that can bring up to 9% per annum. Parking spaces in Dubai are a vital necessity, so the demand for them is very high. Such an asset will bring a consistently high income, but at the same time, its liquidity is very low. In the event of a sale, it will be difficult to find a new owner. Due to low demand, the sale price will have to be reduced, which negates all ROI indicators.
  • Stability and long leases. When renting commercial real estate, long-term contracts for 5 or more years are often concluded. Even if the ROI is low compared to residential real estate, long-term leases protect your assets from downtime and negative market fluctuations.

The Dubai commercial real estate market is represented by objects of different economic segments. 

Office Spaces

The emirate has a large selection of office space available for sale or rent. Their cost depends on the location, total area, and availability of interior decoration and furniture.

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The most popular areas for investing in office space include areas such as Business Bay or Jumeirah Lake Tower`s.

Co-Working Spaces

This type of office space in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular. Co-working spaces are utilized by self-employed individuals, freelancers, and remote workers. Coworking users are motivated by the desire to avoid using their own living space as an office, the need for a stimulating professional environment, and the desire for an appropriate corporate environment.

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Despite the fact that Co-working spaces are a relatively young niche, the competition in it is quite high. In Dubai, there are both single and network spaces of this kind, affecting key areas of the emirate.

The use of coworking involves hourly, daily, or monthly payments. Most of the local coworking spaces offer not only equipped office space but also a variety of related services, including IT support, company creation, and licensing services, concierge services, massage, spa, thematic lectures, seminars, etc.

Potential investors can choose one of the following investment schemes:

  • To buy a franchise of one of the existing network coworking spaces;
  • To buy an office space and adapt it according to your own concept.

The Shops

Retail space and shops are another promising investment. You can buy or rent retail space in any area of Dubai. It can be either a small convenience store or a large supermarket. The higher the status of the district, the more expensive the store will cost.


The purchase of warehouse space is a very promising niche. Throughout Dubai, especially within the free economic zones, there are a huge number of trading and manufacturing companies that need convenient storage space.

Exhibition Halls

Exhibition halls located within the city are aimed at interacting with the end user. They are well suited for demonstrating new electronic gadgets, software, building and finishing materials, etc.

Another relevant investment option is exhibition halls. There are showrooms of various sizes in almost every area of Dubai. But most of them are concentrated within the framework of free economic zones. The closer to the SEZ or industrial zone is the showroom, the larger its area. Such showrooms are aimed at interacting mainly with corporate clients. They are suitable for demonstrating production machinery and specialized equipment.


Dubai’s commercial real estate market is characterized by a wide variety of property types and properties. It includes office, retail, and manufacturing segments, as well as mixed-use facilities and sites.

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