Coins Museum Dubai: Tourists Can Look at Around 470 Different Coins in the Coins Museum Dubai

7:44 pm  |  02.07.2023
Coins Museum Dubai

If you are interested in Arabic coins then you should visit the Coins Museum Dubai. It’s definitely very interesting and you can see coins there that you’ve probably never seen before.

Visiting Coins Museum Dubai

There are countless sights in Dubai that tourists can visit. Usually, the top attractions are the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. But there are also wonderful museums to visit. It is certainly interesting to look at them on vacation. We would then recommend visiting the Coins Museum Dubai and which is unique again.

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You certainly haven’t seen a museum that deals only with coins anywhere else. But in Dubai, there is such a thing and if you have time or are in the vicinity then you should stop by there. It is definitely worth it and you will be amazed. You also have the opportunity to take extraordinary photos of the Dubai trip there.

Address and Location

Beautiful coins

Before visiting, you should also find out exactly where the Coins Museum Dubai is located and how you can reach it the fastest. The first thing to know is that it is in Bur Dubai. We recommend taking a taxi there and it is certainly the easiest option to use. There is also a bus stop nearby where you can get off.

From there it’s only a few meters on foot and you’re there. Since Dubai Creek is nearby, you can also use an abra or water taxi. You then have to disembark at Al Fahidi Marine Transport Station. The museum can also be reached quickly from there as it is located in Bastakiya. So there is a lot for tourists to see there.

Opening Hours

Coins Museum Dubai is only open from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. It is closed on weekends in Dubai and it is not possible to visit there. That would be Friday and Saturday. You should plan about an hour for a visit there. We recommend going at the beginning of the week when it doesn’t have that many visitors. So you can look at the coins in peace.

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Entrance Fee

Dirham Haroun Al Rasheed

Another very important question is whether you have to pay an entrance fee and need a ticket. The answer is no and visiting Coins Museum Dubai is free. Thus, this is one of the top free attractions to visit in Dubai. It’s the same as with the Dubai Fountain and you don’t have to pay anything there either. So you can watch something there and don’t have to pay anything. Then, of course, you can save money on your travels, and we are sure you’re very happy to hear that.

What Can You See There?

As you can already see from the name, there are of course many coins that you can look at in the Coins Museum Dubai. There are about 470 different coins and that’s quite impressive. Of course, the local currency in Dubai is also included and that is the UAE Dirham. But there are many coins from many Arab countries and they all look very nice.

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So this is, of course, an experience and you don’t necessarily have to travel to the country to see it. There are eight different rooms that you can enter, where the coins have been attached to the wall, for example. There are also coins that are particularly valuable and these are then in a glass cabinet. Furthermore, these must of course be protected from damage, which one can imagine.

You Can Also Buy Coins There

Since these are very valuable exhibits, the coins cannot of course be bought. These are exhibits and are unique in the world. So you can only look at them and not buy them. Furthermore, these would of course also be very expensive and as a tourist, you could not buy them at all.

There are Other Attractions Nearby

If you are already there then you should also look at the other attractions that can be reached quickly on foot. Since you are practically in Bastakiya, you should also visit it. The Dubai Creek is only 400 meters away and that is the lifeline of Dubai. There it is a good idea to take a tour with an abra.

Just 500 meters from Coins Museum Dubai is another interesting museum to visit. It is the Dubai Museum and there you can learn a lot about the history of the emirate. You might also want to go shopping and then you should visit the souks nearby. That would be the Bur Dubai Souk or Al Seef.

Our Opinion

A visit to the Coins Museum Dubai is definitely recommended for tourists who are interested in coins. This attraction is certainly not the right one for every tourist. But if you would like to look at coins then you are in the right place. The exhibits are unique and you will be amazed.

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