Coca-Cola Arena: Find Regular Events in the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai

1:50 pm  |  29.06.2023
Coca-Cola Arena

A spectacular multi-purpose hall in Dubai is the Coca-Cola Arena where regular events take place you can visit as a tourist. The location is perfect right next to the popular City Walk and so you can reach them well.

The Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai

Of course, a large arena in Dubai was missing there in the Emirate more and more events and events take place. For this purpose, the Coca-Cola Arena was built which opened in 2019. As you know from Dubai, this is a spectacular building and therefore one should look at this.

Incidentally, the owner is the Meera’s holding and this company is certainly known for the beautiful flannier miles in the city, such as La Mer, Bluewaters Island, and The Beach. The advantage is certainly with this arena that this is completely climatic and that is important in the temperatures in Dubai. In summer it can be very hot there.

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The Arena and the Burj Khalifa

Since the Coca-Cola Arena is a large building, of course, you can already see it from afar. If you are looking at the City Walk Dubai then you can easily reach them from there. So you can look by since you are nearby and it’s worth it, even if no event takes place.

Now you ask yourself if you can get there at all. In our opinion, it is best when you leave the taxi. You could use the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro Station. But you have to walk again and there is a multi-lane road. So this is not that practical and with the taxi, you can go directly.

Where Can You Park?

The Green Planet in Dubai

If you have a rental car then you should drive to the Green Planet where there is a large parking lot. From there you are in good five minutes at the Coca-Cola Arena. Furthermore, you should know that No Valet Parking is offered. For the use of the parking lot, a fee must be paid per hour per hour. That means parking is not available for free as you can enjoy this from the big malls in Dubai.

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Use of the Coca-Cola Arena

Since this is a multi-purpose hall, it can be used for various events and events. Of course, especially popular are concerts and it can be quite a well-known star in Dubai a concert. Of course, you should not miss that. It is important here that you have been taking care of the ticket for a long time. Demand is then especially high and the tickets are sold out quickly.

Then the Coca-Cola Arena is also used for sporting events such as tennis or basketball. Of course, this can also be converted for ice hockey. Furthermore, exhibitions and fashion shows take place. If you just want to know what happens then you should look at the calendar of events.

Is a Sightseeing Possible?

Surely you want to look at the arena from the inside. But unfortunately, a visit is not possible and you can only visit these if an event takes place. Otherwise, these are not accessible to visitors. But it is always possible that you look at it from the outside and that’s very exciting. Especially at night, this is always nicely illuminated.

Where Can You Buy Tickets

If you want to visit an event or concert in the Coca-Cola Arena then you need a ticket. There are several providers where you can reserve this online. It is best to make this on the official homepage. Then there will be no problems there and one needs this only at the entrance that is very practical.

As you have learned, it is a very large arena with 17,000 seats. But even smaller events can take place for just a few hundred visitors as there is a rolling stage. The highlight is certainly the 42 Premium Suites and this can be compared with the business class in the aircraft. You have more space there and also the best views that you can imagine.

Gastronomic Facilities

The Coca-Cola Arena also has numerous restaurants and bars that you can use. Surely you get even hungry or thirst if you visited an event. Our tip is the bar to visit where you have a great view of the interior of the arena. You will definitely be excited and that’s a great location.

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Naming Sponsor

Dubai City Walk

A large arena always needs a name sponsor and at this is the well-known refreshment beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola from the USA. The well-known logo will be depicted for over ten years. However, the operator is the company ASM Global. Our tip is the arena once at night to look at the external facade of 4,600 LED lights illuminated. The colors can also be changed.

Our Opinion

If you like to visit concerts in the Dubai holiday then you can do this in the Coca-Cola Arena. Maybe there is his favorite artist at a concert and then you should not miss it. But you should always reserve the ticket for a long time. But the arena is so versatile that this can also be used for sporting events. Maybe you want to visit a basketball game and that is also possible there. If nothing is going to take place then you should stop by if you are currently visiting the City Walk.

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