Cleaning and Disinfecting the Aircraft of Emirates: The Aircraft of Emirates are Subjected to Cleaning and Disinfection

11:52 am  |  05.06.2023
Cleaning and Disinfecting the Aircraft of Emirates

Especially since the Corona Virus, the cleaning of aircraft is very important. The Airline Emirates currently carries out disinfection and thus one can be sure that new contamination can be significantly reduced.

Information for Cleaning and Disinfecting the Aircraft of Emirates

Disinfection from an aircraft toilet

Currently, many passengers are unsettled if you can even get into a plane because of the Corona Virus. Dubai International Airport is one of the largest aviation crosses around the world and therefore there are many passengers there every day. Thus, the aircraft are particularly stressed and often have little time for cleaning the aircraft cabin. During a long-haul flight, you have contact with many areas in an airplane. Especially the screen and the storage tables are often used where a virus can stop. So that you can not infect a passenger with the virus, the aircraft of Emirates Airline is currently undergoing thorough cleaning. That means these are cleaned again thoroughly than usual and thus you can then be sure that you can fly in peace to the desired destination. On this page, you now get important information as this is done.

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All Aircraft are Cleaned from Departing

According to the latest findings of the coronavirus, this is transmitted mainly by contact. As already mentioned, one touches very much in an airplane. Therefore, the airline has decided that all aircraft will undergo thorough disinfection again before they can start from Dubai Airport. Incidentally, environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used in any case can remove viruses and germs. As a result, new contamination can be significantly reduced and you can then be sure that you do not get anything. But one of course you can not offer one hundred percent security. The airline Emirates is one of the best in the world and would of course always want to offer the passengers the best possible. Of course, this also includes that you are flying in a clean plane. There are still airlines that save on cleanliness today.

Cabin Air Filters are Used


What probably many passengers do not know is used in all aircraft of Emirate’s so-called Hepa cabin air filters there. That is, the air you are injected in an airplane is constantly filtered and there is then almost 100 percent of viruses are filtered out. If you then infected yourself with a sniff virus in the plane then this does not come through the air, but always by touching areas on the plane where the virus was.

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It can certainly be that you have made a flight to Dubai and a few days later you realize that you might have got a cold. Of course, you do not want to have something like that on vacation. In general, this is not very bad and after a few days, everything is over. But the most beautiful season of the year you want to enjoy. The reason why one has infected it is perhaps given a passenger in the square that has had this virus. You have to say that you just had bad luck.

What is Everything Cleaned in this Disinfection?

A seat in the Economy Class

Currently, the aircraft of Emirates are again more thoroughly cleaned than before. These include all surfaces in the plane and especially the storage tables are very important. Because there is always the food and drink served where then every passenger comes into contact with it. Furthermore, the screens are very important who are always in every square. There, every passenger always types around and seeks the latest movie out where he would like to see.

Another important point in an airplane is of course the toilet and there is the risk of infection always very high. If there is an airplane from Emirates where you suspected coronavirus disinfection then this will be subjected to deep cleansing. By the way, this will take about eight hours. There is then spray for use and the cleaning staff carries protective clothing. So the airline makes a lot for the passengers to fly safely. Furthermore, the cabin filters are exchanged in this process.

How Can You Protect Yourself as a Passenger?

In our opinion, cleaning and disinfection is the most important thing you can do yourself. However, most of the disinfectants are currently sold out and one has no way to buy them with a drugstore market. But if you still have some homes then you should definitely take them away. Then recommend that you regularly disinfect your hands. This is especially important when the food is currently served. There you come in contact with food where you have to have clean hands. If you still have disinfection wipes yourself then you can clean the table shelf again yourself. A good tip can also be done with the screen.

Currently, Emirates offers passengers the opportunity to surround the flight. There are no fees and then you can then make the Dubai holiday just later. But of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. In our opinion, you can always go safely there.

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Our Opinion

As already mentioned, all the aircraft of Emirates are subjected to thorough disinfection before departure. As a result, the new contamination can be significantly reduced. But then it can be quite well that in this plane then a passenger sitting, for example, has the coronavirus, but no symptoms still notice. So this is not easy in today’s time and the decision should make everyone yourself. But if you booked a trip to Dubai in the near future then you should do it. In any case, you should not cancel these if there are costs there. The Emirate and the Airline companies are currently doing very much so that tourists can not infect themselves.

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