City Hotels in Dubai with Beach Access: Our Hotel Recommendations 

6:07 pm  |  19.06.2023
Dubai Beach Hotels

Here we set city hotels in Dubai with beach access in front of which you can book a good price/performance ratio. That is one can save a lot of money there and can still use a nice beach.

City Hotels in Dubai with Beach Access

Of course, the beach hotels in Dubai are particularly popular with holidaymakers. In general, you want to spend a beach holiday there. But at the travel planning, you will find very quickly that the prices for a hotel on the beach are significantly more expensive. Thus, for many, the alternative remains that you then a city hotel bay. The overnight price is usually much lower there.

But many have a small pool on the roof from the hotel. Thus, this is not so well suited as well as that you can imagine. But there are many city hotels in Dubai with beach access and that is an insider tip to use. Mostly it is so that there are sister hotels about the same hotel chain. Especially recommended here would be the hotel chain Jumeirah from Dubai recommended.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

One of the most famous and most popular city hotels in Dubai is Jumeirah Emirates Towers. You can already see the two twin towers from afar since these are of course eye-catchers in the skyline. There you have the advantage that the hotel guests can use a nice beach, for example, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, or Jumeirah Beach Hotel. As you can already see on the name, it is the same hotel chain and therefore this is offered by the hotel guests which is very convenient. But this hotel also has a nice outdoor pool you can use.

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Grosvenor House

Grosvenor House view

In the Dubai Marina is the Grosvenor House and it is a special luxury hotel for hotel guests who want a high standard. There are also two twin towers where there is a normal hotel room and the other apartments. Furthermore, there are even several pools that you can use. But certainly, you want to go to the beach and so this is one of the best city hotels in Dubai with beach access for tourists. It is simply going to a sister hotel that is just five minutes away.

Pullmann Dubai Downtown

Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay Dubai

An insider tip for tourists is also the former Steigenberger Dubai which has a small pool. By the way, today it is the Pullmann Dubai Downtown where you can expect a good price/performance ratio. There you have the advantage that one as a hotel guest there has the opportunity to get to a beautiful beach. This is La Mer Beach and the hotel guests are driven there for free with a shuttling bus several times a day and picked up again. By the way, this beach is free and beautiful.

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Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel view

Also, a good city hotel in Dubai with beach access is the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel. There you are right on Dubai Creek and it also has a good location. This hotel is particularly suitable for tourists who want to make a stopover in Dubai for example. It is located near Dubai International Airport. But there is also beach access and you will just go to a sister hotel driven to the famous Palminsel The Palm Jumeirah and this is of course a highlight.

JA Ocean View Hotel

 JA Ocean View Hotel view

Directly at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence lies the yes Ocean View Hotel where you are practically in the second row to the beach. This means you can use the Beach for example. You just have to go over the street. But if you stay at this hotel then you will drive to the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel where you find a beautiful beach. The big advantage there is certainly the privacy and also peace you can enjoy. Thus, this hotel has very many beach options that you can use.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai view

Surely you have heard about the famous seven-star hotel in Dubai. This is of course the Burj Al Arab that is located on a small island. You can spend more luxurious there. But there is no beach section that you can use. In recent years there was a smaller building there. But certainly, you want to go to a real beach. That’s easy there and you will be driven free of charge with a Golfcaddy to the neighboring hotel Jumeirah Beach and there you will find one of the best beaches in Dubai at all.

You Have to Pay There

Certainly, an important question is also whether you have to pay admission to the use of the beach. There are many beach clubs in Dubai where you have to pay a fee. But if you buy one of the listed city hotels in Dubai with beach access then you can use it for free. As a rule, you will then get to the sister hotel that is part of the same hotel chain. Thus you always have an advantage there. So you should always pay close attention to the hotel booking around which hotel it is and what services are offered there.

How to Get to Beach?

If you then stay in the city then you certainly ask yourself how to get to the beach at all. As mentioned earlier, the city hotels in Dubai offer a free shuttle bus with beach access. It can be quite that one has at some a journey time of about an hour. That would be the case, for example, when Jumeirah Emirates Towers. But then you will be rewarded with a nice beach. But at peak times it can also be that the buses are very full. In general, the hotel then sets another bus.

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Our Opinion

Now you have learned a lot about city hotels in Dubai with beach access and thus these are a wonderful alternative for tourists who have to look at the purse. You do not need to give up luxury and then also have the opportunity to come to a beach. It is important to know these are not all hotels in Dubai. These are only certain and therefore the hotel selection is very important.

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