CINQ MONDES Spa: Royal Bliss

3:56 pm  |  15.07.2021

Starting with the elegant welcome of the doorman as you step out of your car into the luxury world of Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai, you will feel like you are in a real royal palace. The feeling of belonging to the royal circle is heightened as soon as you enter the Cinq Mondes Spa, which is located in the heart of this hotel.

After the pomposity of the hotel’s halls and galleries, the design of Cinq Mondes Spa sets for a harmonious rest with body and soul. The visual aesthetics of the spa are immediately immersed in a light area. The interiors are covered with warmth and coziness of dairy, caramel, and golden shades. 

The cleanliness of the lines, the sound of the fountain’s bubbling water, the soft music – already so well and peaceful, and the wellness procedure has not even begun.

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This is what they wanted: the desire for beauty and health in Cinq Mondes has been elevated to the rank of art. In the pool of happiness with the head: actions and problems are immediately forgotten, and the proverb «happy hours do not observe» finds full confirmation – time and the truth as if slows the course.

At Cinq Mondes Spa, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Even the standard form, which is usually asked to fill out in spas (with the peculiarities of your health and contraindications), here is completely unconventional and has a special personality. For example, the first question: “How are you in your mood today?” You will be asked about the smallest nuances and wishes, such as heating the bed during the session or the areas that you want to pay special attention to during the massage. A light fruity compliment and your journey into the world of the impeccable spa begins.

The likelihood of bumping into other guests in the corridors is minimal: this oasis of tranquility and harmony is spread over an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. 

For those who are especially scrupulous in matters of privacy, they will offer to retire in a VIP room with its own sauna, steam room, ice fountain, shower, and traditional Japanese wooden Cinq Mondes bathtub. The names of the high-profile guests are not disclosed here, but they admit that VIP clients and celebrities drop in often.

In total, there are 23 treatment rooms, a yoga studio, a large indoor pool, and a fitness room for guests. The two spacious hammams are decorated in an elegant oriental style, and the adjoining hammam ritual rooms can restore skin condition and improve well-being. The nail salon and hair salon will add the finishing touches to your relaxed look (a private VIP room is also available).

The Cinq Mondes spa menu is like a travel map from where Natalie and Jean-Louis Parou, the founders of the brand, gathered information on the best beauty rituals. The discoveries formed the basis of the philosophy of the Cinq Mondes (“Five Worlds”). Beauty recipes were borrowed from Thailand and India, Japan and China, they adopted the secrets of scrubs and care masks from the beauties of Brazil and Africa, age-old techniques for rejuvenating the body and restoring strength were brought from Bali and Polynesia. The Cinq Mondes brand began the expansion of the beauty world from its homeland – France, and through Monaco reached America, Morocco, Maldives, and Mauritius.

The procedures are carried out on Cinq Mondes’ own products. Its peculiarity is in the application of the principles of dietetics to skin cells. As you know, by regulating nutrition, you can stimulate the metabolism, correct this or that imbalance in the body. Pharmaceutical scientists at Cinq Mondes went further and proposed a revolutionary approach – skin nutrition. At the cellular level, beneficial effects are more targeted and effective. Natalie Bouchon-Poirou, the author of the procedures, has developed a manual dermal puncture technique. It consists of the action of the fingertips on key energy points on the face and body.

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Cinq Mondes Spa Menu Opens “Rituals of the Middle East”. The theme of the Turkish hammam with foam massage is developed by a cleansing scrub with black herbal beldi soap, a detox treatment with a Moroccan clay wrap Rasul and a relaxing North African massage. After such spa artillery, that’s certainly “how was born again.”

In the facial treatments section, you will find echoes of Bali’s cosmetic traditions (“Bali Flowers”, “Five Flowers”, “Bali Flowers and Fruits” – tropical flowers work together with active components of fruit acids for healthy radiance and skin texture improvement). “Ko bi do” is a beauty trend from the land of the rising sun. Japanese massage technique tones help smooth out wrinkles, give the skin elasticity, evens out the color, and makes it glow from the inside.

Exclusive Cinq Mondes treatments at Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai include the Royal Shirodar and Abhyanga Head Massages. The level of bliss is truly overwhelming. Warm sesame oil, flowing into the third eye, gives complete pacification. 

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A deeply relaxing and stimulating head massage continues the treatment worthy of the Maharajas of India. In general, in the quotes of the Cinq Mondes spa menu, references to the upper class are heard quite often: “Siamese royal ritual”, “Royal Taoist ritual”, “Royal rest”. Sensitive staff, attentive approach, professional use of technicians – everything here really works to make you feel “royal” every minute.

Those who are determined to take on their health especially seriously will be offered to go through specially designed programs designed for three, five, and seven days. Depending on the goals and condition of the body, the emphasis will be on cleansing, adjusting weight, maintaining tone, and physical fitness. There are also interesting proposals for Ayurveda adepts.

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