Can You Drink the Tap Water in Dubai: The Tap Water in Dubai Can Also Be Drunk Without any Problems

9:18 pm  |  22.03.2022
The tap water in Dubai

The tap water in Dubai is of a high standard and can also be used for drinking. But we prefer to use the free water from the hotels.

Can You Drink the Tap Water in Dubai?

If you are on holiday in a foreign country and have not been there before, then you are of course very careful with tap water. You have certainly heard a lot that this may contain germs or may be contaminated. You definitely don’t want something like that on vacation because you can get sick from it.

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Suitable for Brushing Your Teeth Without Hesitation

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Especially when brushing your teeth, many tourists are always unsure and don’t know exactly whether you can use the tap water or not. In some holiday areas, this is certainly a problem and then you should rather use normal drinking water from the bottle. There you can be sure that you won’t have any problems. In Dubai, you can definitely use this to brush your teeth. The water there is also regularly monitored and controlled. Because a five-star hotel certainly does not want to have hotel guests who have become ill, for example, from contaminated water. Of course, word of that would get around very quickly and the damage to the image of the hotel would be significantly higher.

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Should You Drink the Tap Water in Dubai or Not?

In our opinion, you can drink this, but you shouldn’t do it. For example, if you have booked a hotel in Dubai, most of them offer free bottled water every day. You get several bottles with 0.5 liters in your room and you can drink them without hesitation. Usually, Al Ain Water is where there is a spring and it is of a high standard. Normally you get four free bottles in a normal double room every day. If this is not enough then simply let House Keeping know that you need more. It is often sufficient if you tip a few dirhams on the first day and then you automatically get more water.

Buy Water from a Well-Known Brand in a Supermarket

There are also many tourists who, for example, cannot tolerate the local tap water. You might get stomach aches or nausea there. This is usually harmless, but everyone reacts differently to the water. If this is the case then you can simply go to a supermarket in Dubai and buy a bottle of water from a well-known manufacturer. The selection of water is very large there and you can also get many products from Europe. As a rule, you can drink the same table water there as at home. However, if this has to be imported then the price is also higher there. Here we recommend using a manufacturer from the United Arab Emirates such as Mai Dubai Water or Al Ain Water.

Water in the Hotel Pool is Also Controlled

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The water in the hotel pool, for example, is also checked regularly and you can be sure that there are no bacteria or germs there. This is always the case, especially if you have booked a five-star luxury hotel in Dubai. As already mentioned, the hotels are of course always interested in ensuring that the guests feel comfortable there and do not have any health problems. But of course, there is not 100% security anywhere and there can also be something that you may have overlooked. We, therefore, recommend that you always be particularly careful on holiday because you are in a foreign country. But the tap water is constantly monitored and nothing has happened there in the past.

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Do You Need Tablets for Water Disinfection There?

Certainly, there are also vacationers who are always particularly careful when vacationing in a foreign country. For example, you can buy water disinfection tablets in a pharmacy that you can then use. There, the tap water is then freed from viruses, bacteria, and germs if any are present. In our opinion, this is not necessary for Dubai. But if you want to do it, you can do it there. However, you should bring these tablets with you from home and you cannot buy them in a pharmacy in Dubai.

Drinking-Water Quality in the Emirate of Dubai

In any case, tap water is suitable for brushing your teeth. If you want you can drink it too. Basically, however, the prices for water in Dubai are very cheap and therefore you do not need to do this there. You certainly wouldn’t save a lot of money there and we recommend buying a bottle of water in the supermarket instead. Then you are definitely always on the safe side. Usually, there is a large supermarket in the vicinity of the hotel and then you should look around there. You can also use the free table water from the hotels if you want. This is replenished daily and is therefore always very practical.

Our Opinion

The standard is very high in Dubai and there is no need to worry if the tap water is clean. But if you don’t feel safe then you should buy normal water in the supermarket and then use it. But at breakfast, you always get water if you drink coffee or tea.

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