Bybit Moved to Dubai: Five Years of Success and Strategies for Successful Trading

10:12 pm  |  29.02.2024

We have yet to delve into the formation history and distinctive features of Bybit exchange. This article will introduce you to the founder’s biography, the exchange’s features, and its current status as of 2024.

Bybit History

Ben Zhou

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit was established in 2018 by a team comprising Wall Street professionals and blockchain enthusiasts. Ben Zhou, one of the founders and the CEO of Bybit, developed an interest in cryptocurrencies in 2016 while serving as the general manager for the China region at the foreign exchange broker XM. Fascinated by the potential of crypto trading, he launched a YouTube channel in 2017, discussing events in the crypto world. Today, he is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency industry. The exchange relocated its headquarters from Singapore to Dubai in 2022.

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Bybit in 2024: Is it Worth Investing In?

The Bybit platform boasts a diverse range of assets and contracts, along with offering high leverage of up to x100, coupled with risk management features. Regular listings of new coins on the exchange provide scalpers with opportunities to profit even before assets are available on other platforms. Traders can further enhance their profits by reducing commission expenses. Let’s explore how this can be achieved.

Advantages of Trading Through Your Whitelist Personal Account

The Whitelist personal account serves as a virtual office for traders, granting access to the MOEX, Binance, and Bybit exchanges through a single interface. Through this platform, traders can execute trades simultaneously on two cryptocurrency exchanges, place orders, close positions within seconds, and configure widgets essential for scalping.

The primary advantage of trading through your account lies in substantial discounts on exchange commissions. Discounts on futures trading can reach up to 36%, while on the spot market, discounts can go up to 80% of the Bybit commission. Savings begin the moment a trade is initiated.

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Additional Benefits

In addition to financial advantages, the personal account offers all essential functions for convenient and efficient trading:

  1. Seamless Exchange Connectivity: Effortlessly connect to the exchange directly from your account.
  2. Diverse Trading Opportunities: Benefit from a wide range of trading scenarios facilitated by rapidly adding new coins.
  3. Effective Bybit Platform Interaction and Arbitrage Potential: Utilize the platform’s features effectively and explore arbitrage opportunities.
  4. Risk Hedging and Loss Reduction: Hedge risks and minimize losses by trading on two exchanges simultaneously.
  5. Convenient Account Replenishment and Low Entry Threshold: Enjoy a user-friendly method to replenish your account and a minimal entry barrier to the Bybit exchange.

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Join today and become a valued member of the Whitelist trading community.

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