Buy Etisalat Washel Prepaid Card: With the Etisalat Washel Prepaid Card You Can Call Very Cheap

7:38 pm  |  04.07.2023

If you want to call cheap from Dubai then you should buy the Etisalat Wash Prepaid card. There you can definitely save a lot of money.

Buy Information about the Etisalat Washel Prepaid Card

Of course, the calling in Dubai is very important to communicate with relatives and acquaintances at home. Of course, it is very practical that you can do this with a phone or smartphone. However, one must know that this always works about roaming and it can be very expensive. In our opinion, you should definitely avoid this. There were already many holidaymakers who have received an expensive bill in the past. As a rule, you notice this then only when you are back home then you will be communicated by the mobile phone provider. If you want to save money there then you should buy the Etisalat Wash Prepaid card. There you can easily talk to a local SIM card and that is much cheaper. How to do this exactly and where you can buy this one is now learning here.

Where to Buy the Etisalat Washel Prepaid


Of course, a very important question is where you can buy them. That’s easy and you just go to a branch of Etisalat. This is the largest telephone provider in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it is certainly the easiest when you go to the Dubai Mall and there on the lowest floor. There you will find a branch and can buy the Etisalat Washel Prepaid card. But you will certainly not be the only customer there and you have to start there and always pull a wait number first. If you call then you can buy them. By the way, employees are very friendly and help the tourists.

ID Card Such as Passport or Identity Card is Needed

So you can buy the Etisalat Washel Prepaid card you can need an identity card or a passport. You have to identify there and of course, the provider would like to know who the card uses at all. But you only have to do that once and then you are registered with Etisalat. So you could buy several cards there if you want this. If you can not show yourself then you have no way to buy this SIM card. Otherwise, you would have to come again if you can identify yourself. But usually, you always have the identity card in the purse.

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How High are the Costs

First, you have to buy the SIM card at all and this costs about 55 dirhams. Then you have to charge it with any amount. Then you can subscribe to this amount and then that is immediately regulated. You then pay the minute price of about 2.23 dirham.

Where to Buy the Etisalat Washel Prepaid

That’s easy and you just go to a supermarket or branch of Etisalat. But it’s best to make this in a spidery or carrefour, for example. There you have to go only to checkout and say that you want to charge “Etisalat Recharge”. Then you get a code printed and then you have to call a free number of Etisalat and enter the code there. That takes only 5 minutes and then you have credit again and can call again.

The Etisalat Washel Prepaid Card is Disabled

Etisalat Office

To know very important is that this SIM card is automatically disabled when you do not call it over a longer period of time. But the Etisalat Washel Prepaid card is still valid and you have to “activate” again in a branch of Etisalat. That usually takes a few hours and then this will work again. For example, if you did not go on vacation a year in Dubai then this will be the case.

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Do You Have a Local Phone Number There?

If you use the Etisalat Washel Prepaid card then you call on the network of the United Arab Emirates. One should then tell this area code to the relatives so that you can see exactly what you call.

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Our Opinion

Using this card is very practical, cheap, and also made easy for tourists. Thus you can save a lot of money there. You have to buy them only once and then let them unlock. Then you can use these again and again when you go on vacation in Dubai. If the credit is used up then you can recharge it. Thus, there are no unnecessary costs or roaming fees that you might not know.

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