Buy Dubai Cigarettes: Here You Can Find Out Where You Can Buy Cigarettes in Dubai as a Tourist

7:57 pm  |  09.03.2022
Dubai Cigarettes

As a tourist, you certainly want to smoke in Dubai and here you can find out whether you are allowed to do so and where you can buy cigarettes. By the way, this is only possible in certain places and you should know that.

Information on Buying Cigarettes in Dubai

If you are on holiday in Dubai then you would certainly like to smoke a cigarette. For many tourists, this is simply part of it and afterwards many feel more relaxed and relaxed. But since Dubai is an Islamic country, there are some restrictions that you should know about stimulants such as alcohol and smoking. Basically, there is no general smoking ban in Dubai and you can do this as a tourist. But people don’t like it there and you should smoke as little as possible if possible. There are also restrictions on where smoking is allowed and where not. On this page you can find out everything where you can buy cigarettes and that is not quite as easy as in western countries, for example, where there are machines where you can get them. So there are a few things to consider when you are a smoker.

Is Smoking Allowed in Dubai

Dubai Duty Free Tobacco

As already mentioned, it is not forbidden if you want to light a cigarette in Dubai. This is allowed, for example, in public places and places. You will also find an ashtray everywhere where you can dispose of them. You are not allowed to throw the cigarette anywhere and if you do this and get caught you have to reckon with a high fine. That’s not something people like to see at all, and that also applies to tourists. So you shouldn’t overdo it with smoking in Dubai and we recommend consuming less tobacco there than at home.

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But there are also places in the city where smoking is not allowed at all. If this is the case, you will find signs everywhere that this is forbidden. You should therefore always make sure that they are recognizable. It doesn’t make much sense to light a cigarette anywhere outdoors. If someone is bothered by it, it may well be that this will be reported and the police will come. You should avoid this in any case and stick to the rules because you are a tourist. That means you can’t do everything you like.

Where to Buy Cigarettes in Dubai

Cigarettes in Dubai

The most important question then is where you can actually buy cigarettes in Dubai. As a smoker, you need enough cigarettes to be able to do this. But it’s not that easy to get cigarettes there. In western countries you are used to this, that you can get these at vending machines, gas stations or in the supermarket. But there it is not made that easy for the tourists and you do not get them at the places mentioned. For vacationers the best address is certainly that you bring a sufficient amount from home. If this is not enough, you have the opportunity to visit Dubai Duty Free directly after landing at Dubai International Airport. You can then buy cheap cigarettes from well-known brands that are also available at home. However, you can only buy them in sufficient quantities.

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How Much Do Cigarettes Cost in Dubai

Then you should know how much they cost. The answer is that cigarettes are much cheaper there and you only pay 20 dollars for a pack of a well-known brand. In Europe, the comparable amount would then cost about 80 dollars. So this is very tempting if you are a smoker. But as already mentioned, you can’t just start buying there and you have to pay attention to the free quantity. By the way, you only get these prices in the duty free area of ​​the airport.

Can You Smoke in Hotel Room in Dubai

The temptation is of course always very great that you want to light a cigarette in the hotel room. Especially if you are a smoker, you treat yourself to one right after getting up. But there is also a lot to consider there and there are hotel rooms in Dubai where this is allowed or not. You should therefore always inquire at the reception beforehand whether this is possible. Furthermore, you should always note that other hotel guests use the room when you have checked out. However, the smell of smoke can still be smelled clearly after smoking there.

For the new hotel guests this is not particularly pleasant as you can imagine. Another option would be to smoke on the balcony. But there it can be that you disturb the neighbors. As already mentioned, we recommend tourists not to overdo it and consume less. Because as a tourist you certainly don’t want to put your foot in it and attract attention.

How Many Cigarettes Can You Import or Export in Dubai

Smoking in Dubai

There is of course a restriction on the import or export of cigarettes. Here you should definitely inform yourself about the import regulations. If you enter the United Arab Emirates from Europe, you are allowed to import 400 cigarettes per person. As a rule, these are then two rods and that should be sufficient. An alternative is then 50 cigars, or 500 grams of tobacco. But if you leave Dubai for Europe again, then completely different regulations apply there. You can only export 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. You have to pay attention to these quantities if you don’t want to have problems with customs.

Is There a Minimum Smoking Age in Dubai

Of course there is a minimum age and smoking is only allowed from the age of 21 . The same applies if you want to buy cigarettes, for example. It may well be that you have to show your ID to prove your age. This is especially the case when you look very young.

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Our Opinion

As already mentioned, it is not forbidden to smoke or buy cigarettes in Dubai. But there are clear differences to Europe where these are available everywhere. We always recommend tourists to reduce consumption and not to overdo it. One must always know that one is a guest in this country and one should always observe the rules and regulations.

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