Business in Dubai and the UAE: How to Buy a Ready-Made Business Without Losing Money

5:43 pm  |  23.01.2024

One method to secure a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and attain tax residency is by either establishing a new business or acquiring an existing company. The decision between these options is contingent on individual goals and financial resources, although the processes for company registration and required documentation are quite similar in both cases.

Starting a Business from Scratch: Advantages and Challenges

Commencing a business from the ground up offers advantages, such as increased flexibility in decisions related to location, legal structure, office size, and more. However, this approach also comes with specific difficulties and nuances that require careful consideration.

Acquiring an already operating company in the UAE involves less effort, offering immediate access to a functioning business with established income and turnover. However, this strategy also carries its own set of nuances and risks that warrant discussion.

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Benefits of Buying an Established Business in Dubai and the UAE

The advantages of purchasing an established business in Dubai and the UAE encompass several general benefits associated with the country, its strategic location, tax jurisdiction, and other factors unique to the UAE. These benefits include:

  • Ready business from the very beginning.
  • Stable income without extra costs.
  • Sustainable corporate structure.
  • Ready-made logistics and supply system.
  • Experienced team of employees.
  • No need for additional investments in marketing.
  • Ready business plan for the future.
  • Recognizable brand.
  • Formed customer base.
  • Ready premises and equipment for work.

Challenges of Purchasing an Existing Business in Dubai and the UAE

Acquiring an already operating business in Dubai and the UAE presents several challenges that potential buyers should be aware of:

Limited Flexibility in Decision Making: While a pre-established business offers evident advantages, it also comes with a set structure and working mechanism. This restricts the new owner’s freedom in decision-making within a certain range, where alterations may result in additional costs or disrupt the entire system.

Risk of Acquiring an Unprofitable Business: A lack of knowledge about the local market and the intricacies of doing business in the UAE may lead to the acquisition of an unprofitable or even a loss-making business with unclear financial statements or hidden debts.

Potential for a Poor Deal: Inexperience with local transaction rules or an unclear understanding of the true value of the business can result in overpayment or additional costs during the acquisition process.

Additional Legal Procedures: The purchase of a company necessitates new legal procedures and checks, including opening a new bank account or undergoing compliance with the current bank.

Cultural Communication Challenges: Foreigners may encounter difficulties in communicating with local employees, business partners, or clients due to a lack of understanding of the local mentality and business etiquette.

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Extra Costs During Changes: Implementing new solutions or expanding an existing business may require substantial financial investments and lead to a temporary loss of income.

For individuals genuinely considering business acquisition in the UAE, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from experienced consultants and leverage the services of professional intermediaries. This approach aims to minimize risks and ensure a successful transaction in the dynamic business environment of the UAE.

Key Stages of Acquiring a Pre-established Company in Dubai and the UAE

Acquiring a ready-made company in Dubai and the UAE involves a systematic approach. Here are the crucial stages to navigate through the process successfully:

Preliminary Analysis

Before diving into the acquisition process, conduct a thorough analysis:

  • Assess your needs and goals for the future business, including the line of business, entity type, and location.
  • Undertake market research to identify companies that align with your established requirements.

Development of a Suitable Candidate

Identify and evaluate a potential purchase with meticulous attention:

  • Analyze the activities and overall success of the business, considering the transparency of financial and legal reports, existing debts, and the company’s overall performance.
  • Scrutinize bank statements, current contracts, and lease agreements.
  • Assess the company’s business plan and development strategy.
  • Examine compliance with labor legislation and scrutinize constituent documentation.
  • Prepare comprehensive financial statements detailing the company’s activities.

Conclusion of the Transaction and Transfer of Ownership Rights

This critical stage involves several key actions:

  • Search and select a reliable intermediary to facilitate and finalize the transaction.
  • Collect and provide necessary documents for the re-registration of the business, adhering to legislative requirements and regulatory authority standards.
  • Execute a change of the company name, if required.

Working with a Bank Account

Efficient management of financial aspects is crucial:

  • Conduct an audit of the company’s current bank account and close it if necessary, avoiding potential disagreements in settlements.
  • Select a suitable banking solution, prepare the necessary documents, and open a new account.

Registration of Immigration Documents

Navigate through the immigration process with care:

  • Collect necessary permits from immigration authorities for both company owners and employees.
  • Obtain appropriate visas to facilitate smooth operations.
It is crucial to approach each of these stages with diligence and competence. Utilizing the services of professionals and consultants can significantly simplify the process, ensuring a reduction in risks associated with business acquisition in this dynamic business landscape.

Lucrative Business Options When Acquiring a Company in Dubai and the UAE

Purchasing a company in Dubai and the UAE presents diverse business opportunities. Here are some promising sectors to explore:

Real Estate

Explore various facets within the real estate sector:

  • Provide real estate services for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Offer property management and consulting services.
  • Venture into real estate rental agencies to tap into the growing market.

Finance and Investments

Navigate the financial landscape with these business options:

  • Provide brokerage services and investment opportunities.
  • Offer auditing and consulting services to cater to the financial needs of clients.

Services Sector

Diversify within the services sector:

  • Establish household services catering to the local community.
  • Venture into photo studios and photography services to capture moments.
  • Explore the delivery of goods and services to meet the demands of a bustling market.
  • Set up beauty salons to tap into the beauty and wellness industry.
  • Offer medical services to contribute to the healthcare landscape.


Explore the vibrant tourism industry:

  • Venture into the restaurant business and catering to cater to locals and tourists.
  • Establish travel agencies to facilitate seamless travel experiences.
  • Organize leisure activities to contribute to the tourism landscape.
  • Consider entering the hotel business to accommodate the growing influx of visitors.


Contribute to the growing infrastructure:

  • Engage in the production of building materials to support construction projects.
  • Establish architectural bureaus to contribute to innovative designs.
  • Provide engineering services to support various construction initiatives.
  • Venture into construction companies and development projects.


Facilitate seamless transportation and trade:

  • Establish transport and logistics companies to facilitate efficient movement.
  • Engage in sea and air transportation to connect globally.
  • Contribute to the import and export of goods to meet market demands.

Production of Goods

Contribute to manufacturing industries:

  • Engage in the production of household appliances and equipment.
  • Venture into food production to cater to local and international markets.
  • Establish production lines for clothing, perfumes, electronics, and household chemicals.


Embrace the digital landscape with these opportunities:

  • Specialize in the creation and maintenance of websites.
  • Offer system administration services to support IT infrastructure.
  • Contribute to cybersecurity initiatives to ensure a secure digital environment.
  • Engage in the development of IT products to meet technological demands.

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Before finalizing a business acquisition in the UAE, it is imperative to conduct a thorough study of the local market. Consider your preferences, skills, and experience in the chosen field. Seeking professional advice is a valuable step to making informed decisions in this dynamic business environment.

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