Burj Khalifa At.Mosphere: Restaurant in the Sky

9:33 pm  |  06.09.2021
Burj Khalifa At.Mosphere: Restaurant in the Sky

The highest restaurant in the world At.Mosphere is located in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is important here that you need a table reservation there because the demand is always very high. Otherwise, you won’t get a free table there.

Burj Khalifa At.Mosphere Restaurant

One of the top sights in Dubai is of course the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. If you visit the At the Top viewing platform there, it is very impressive. Certainly a highlight there is to visit a restaurant. Because in the skyscraper there is still a very unusual restaurant called At.Mosphere. It is the highest in the whole world and if you enjoy dinner there it is, of course, something very special.

What Height is the Restaurant at?

The view is of course sensational what you can imagine from the At.Mosphere. It is located on the 122 floors of the Burj Khalifa at a height of 442 meters. 

You can certainly imagine that this is a great logistical effort to be able to prepare the food there. Everything has to be transported from the very bottom-up. We always recommend visiting in the evening where the surrounding skyscrapers are illuminated. It looks very spectacular and you certainly don’t do that every day. A visit is also always recommended if you have something to celebrate or if you want to surprise your partner.

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If you want to have dinner at At.Mosphere then you should choose The Restaurant. It is a gourmet restaurant where only the best foods in the world are prepared. You can also have breakfast or lunch there. The restaurant can also be rented for special events. It is of course very suitable if you have a business lunch. You can certainly impress your customers there.

The Lounge

 The Lounge in the At.Mosphere is recommended for a cocktail or high tea. There is certainly nothing nicer when you can enjoy a cool cocktail there in the evening. 

You will be amazed by the view there. However, there is only a limited number of seats there and many tourists would like to visit the lounge there. You should also know that there are teas there that have only been developed for the Burj Khalifa. It is of course always something special when you are there.

Do You Need a Reservation There?

It is very important that you reserve a table long in advance. That means whether in The Restaurant or The Lounge. The demand for both is always very high and everyone would like to be there once. It is not possible to get a free table there at short notice. Unless you have VIP status and then this is certainly possible. For normal tourists, it is strongly recommended to reserve a table there.

What is the Dress Code There?

If you visit the highest restaurant in the world At.Mosphere then you have to adhere to the dress code as a visitor. You can’t stop by wearing shorts or a T-shirt. For men, we recommend wearing long trousers and a shirt. An evening dress is certainly recommended for women. Visitors who do not adhere to the dress code can be turned away again.

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Opening Hours

The lounge is also open for breakfast and high tea. However, The Restaurant is only open in the evening. But it may well be that this is opened beforehand when you have a business lunch. You should therefore contact the restaurant beforehand and they will be happy to provide you with the current opening times.

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Surely you can imagine that you have to pay a little more for such an extraordinary one. The At.Mosphere is a very upscale restaurant where only the most expensive dishes are served. If you still want a window seat then you have to spend a little more. You can get everything you could want from caviar, truffles to champagne.


When you look at the menu in the At.Mosphere restaurant for the first time, you probably can’t do anything with the terms. But you can ask the waiter and he will be happy to provide information about what is going on there. But you can also get everything you can imagine, from good pasta to steak. Then you can also get exclusive wines served there.

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