Burj al Arab Tea Time: Spend Time at Sahn Eddar

9:43 pm  |  12.09.2021
Spend Time at Sahn Eddar

A popular destination in Dubai is the Burj al Arab tea hour. There you can get to know the famous 7-star hotel without being a guest there. Otherwise, there is no way to get to the hotel.

Information about the Burj al Arab Tea Hour

The Emirate of Dubai now has many landmarks that are known all over the world. These include the Burj al Arab Hotel and the Burj Khalifa. Surely you can imagine that every tourist would like to take a look at the hotel. You may have seen a report on television about the hotel and how impressive it is. But if you are a hotel guest there you don’t want to be disturbed by tourists who are constantly walking around in the lobby taking photos. 

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Therefore the hotel can only be visited with registration with, for example, the Burj al Arab tea hour. You can also visit one of the numerous restaurants. But afternoon tea is certainly the cheapest way to get in there.

Sky Tea in the Skyview Bar

Burj al Arab Skyview Bar

There are different ways to enjoy the Burj al Arab tea hour. This is for example the Sky Tea in the Skyview Bar where you have an impressive view of The Palm Jumeirah and The World. This bar is located on the top floor of the hotel and offers a breathtaking panoramic view as you are at a height of 321 meters.

They serve afternoon tea and a selection of teas and coffees. Then of course sandwiches, pastries and cakes too. These are of course all made by the hotel itself. Furthermore, you should know that you need a minimum age of 21 years and that this is only possible at certain times.

Arabic Afternoon Tea in Sahn Eddar

Burj al Arab tea time with pastries

Another popular way to enjoy the Burj al Arab tea hour is a visit to Sahn Eddar, where you can get an Arab afternoon tea. There you have a great view of the world’s largest atrium, which is located in the hotel.

You only get to see something like that there, of course. Various types of tea are also served there for the guests. There are teas that are only made for the hotel and so this is, of course, something extraordinary that you can only get there. Perhaps you would also like to surprise a friend or acquaintance with a present. Then this is certainly to be recommended.

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High Tea at Sahn Eddar

Then you have the option to reserve high tea at Sahn Eddar. This is always a popular way to have a Burj al-Arab tea hour. The highlight there is certainly the three-course menu where you are served culinary delicacies. This includes cocktails, sandwiches, and also pastries. When booking, you should know that this is only possible in the evening. This is certainly a popular time to get to know the hotel.

Please Note the Dress Code

Burj al Arab Lobby

Since the Burj al Arab is a seven-star luxury hotel, you cannot stop by with shorts and a T-shirt for the Burj al Arab tea hour. We recommend that men wear long trousers and a shirt. Then of course closed shoes. A tie is not essential.

But if you have one then you should wear one too. For women, it is recommended to wear an evening dress. However, one should note that this is not too revealing. That means you shouldn’t show too much skin. If you don’t pay attention to the dress code then you may be turned away by the security. You are then kindly informed that you should wear something different.

Security Check-in Front of the Hotel

The Burj al Arab Hotel is very closely guarded so that not everyone who has no business there can get in. The guests of the hotel pay a lot of money there and of course, want a lot of privacy and security. That is why there is a security check in front of the bridge.

There you have to show the reservation you got. The employee then looks on the list to see if your name is on it. If everything is okay then you can drive over the bridge and come to the hotel and start the Burj al Arab tea hour.

You Get There on All Floors of the Hotel

As a visitor, you have to know that only certain areas are accessible to day visitors. That means you don’t get to all floors of the hotel. A valid room card is required for this. Otherwise, the visitors would hang around everywhere and take photos.

This is not wanted there and you are only allowed to enter the areas that are intended. You can’t get into the outside area where the pool is. But the areas that you get to see are very impressive and you can’t get out of the astonishment. Everything is made of gold and only the most valuable materials have been used there.

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You Сan Take Photos There

It is possible to take photos in the Burj al Arab Hotel when attending the Burj al Arab tea hour. However, you should not overdo it with the photos and you are also not allowed to photograph other hotel guests. Otherwise, it may be that the photo is removed and you only get it again when you leave the hotel. We recommend only taking a few photos, for example in the Sahn Eddar or the Skyview Bar.

Duration of a Visit

You should plan around three hours for a visit to the Burj al Arab Hotel. That means you book the Burj al Arab tea hour in Sahn Eddar and can then spend the time there. Then you have to leave the hotel again as new guests come who have booked something. It is always very important to know that you need a reservation there. If you don’t have one then you will be turned away by the security.

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