Burj al Arab Rooms: Here We Present the Burj al Arab Luxury Rooms 

2:18 pm  |  15.09.2021
Burj al Arab Rooms

Here we present the Burj al Arab rooms in the only seven-star hotel in the world. There are only 201 suites that can be booked up to a size of over 700 square meters.


Jumeirah Burj al Arab Deluxe Suite

One of the most famous landmarks of Dubai is of course the Burj al Arab Hotel. Everyone would definitely like to spend the night there. But unfortunately, this is not possible as very few tourists can possibly afford an overnight stay there.

The Burj al Arab rooms are very luxurious and when you see them for the first time you cannot stop being amazed. If you want to spend the night in a palace from 1001 nights with a lot of gold and luxury, then this is the place for you. Even the smallest room category is oversized and you will certainly feel comfortable there very quickly. You practically don’t want to leave the room there. We will explain here what different rooms there are in the Burj al Arab Hotel. Of course, these differ in size and price. But as a hotel guest, you have a lot of privacy.

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Deluxe Suite

The smallest Burj al Arab room is the Deluxe Suite with a size of 170 square meters. But certainly one cannot speak of small there. That is well above the average room size in Dubai. Most of these rooms are in the hotel and 102 rooms can be booked. There is also enough space for three adults.

It is also possible to book this with two adults and two children. This makes it perfect for a family with children. The king-size bed is certainly very beautiful, with many elements made of gold. Then there is a large living room where you can end the day. The bathroom is certainly very spectacular with a size that you certainly do not expect.

Sky Suite

In principle, the Sky Suite is equipped in the same way, but you can enjoy a great panoramic view from the Burj al Arab room. In our opinion, this is definitely worth it and it is better to invest a little more money. These are located from the 15th floor and from there you can see, for example, the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah where there are also many beautiful hotels. Furthermore, if the visibility is good, you also have the opportunity to see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

A personal butler is available 24 hours a day and you can really let yourself be pampered. Incidentally, the bathroom has a jacuzzi and rain shower. Another highlight is the luxurious care products from Hermès, which of course are not cheap.

Panorama Suite

As you can already see from the name, the Panorama Suite has a sensational view and a 180-degree panoramic view. Of course, not many hotel rooms in Dubai offer something like this. This Burj al-Arab room is also located on the upper floors. However, there are only 18 rooms of this category in this hotel.

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Then there is a separate guest toilet which is located on the lower floor. Of course, free WiFi internet access is also available. Then a 21 inch iMac computer can be used. Another highlight is certainly the many modern elements. For example, you can open and close the curtains with remote control. You can also adjust the lighting and much more.

Club Suite

Jumeirah Burj al Arab Club Suite

Another very nice Burj al Arab room is the Club Suite with a gigantic size of 330 square meters. There is enough space for two adults and two children. They even have a private bar that can be used. Then a snooker table and much more. Furthermore, this suite has a separate staff entrance where there is a small kitchen.

Furthermore, access to the private beach is a matter of course. For the children, there is also free entry to the Wild Wadi Water Park. Usually, this room category is more than adequate, but there are larger and more luxurious rooms available.

Diplomatic Suite

The Diplomatic Suite is very exclusive and also large with 670 square meters. There you can enjoy many advantages as a hotel guest that other guests do not have. That means you get a free airport transfer with a Rolls Royce Phantom to Dubai International Airport. Of course, you quickly feel like a VIP or a sheikh there.

In this Burj al Arab room there are even three bedrooms and there is space for six adults and two children. So this is perfect for a family with children. Then a discreet check-in is possible and this room category is also suitable for celebrities who want to be undisturbed.

Presidential Suite

In many hotels in Dubai, there is a so-called presidential suite which is usually the best room in the hotel. There is something like that in the Burj al Arab, too, and there it is called the Presidential Suite. The size is also impressive at 667 square feet. The services are similar to the other suites and there is a lot of luxury for the hotel guests. This Burj al-Arab room is equipped with two bedrooms. There is also a large dressing room and a private library. Incidentally, breakfast can also be eaten undisturbed in the suite.

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Royal Suite

Jumeirah Burj al Arab Royal Suite

The best room category in the Burj al Arab is the Royal Suite with 780 square meters. You can’t expect more luxury and there are only two suites of the same type in the hotel. As soon as you enter this suite, you feel like a king, sheikh, or VIP. Something like this is only available to a few people in this world. Of course, you can imagine that an overnight stay there is not particularly cheap. But there are enough people in the world who can easily afford it. The highlights there are a private dining room for 12 people and a separate elevator.

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