Bur Dubai: One of the Most Interesting and Ultra-Modern Neighborhoods in Dubai

10:54 pm  |  02.10.2023

Bur Dubai and Deira are often confused, but both have many budget hotels and real estate options. Initially, the area in which Bur Dubai is located was the center of Dubai. However, today this area is located in the east of the city.

District Name

In the past, when oil was not yet discovered, the city center was situated in the area that is now known as Downtown. A fishing village was located in the neighboring city and a square was situated where Downtown stands today. This is how the area got its name.

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The building from which the sheikhs ruled the emirates until the 1970s still stands in this area. The houses of sheikhs and wealthy citizens are also preserved there. Now these buildings are used as museums. The Great Mosque is also located in the same area. It is considered the very first mosque in Dubai.

But Bur Dubai is still considered the administrative center. Buildings such as various government departments, emirate authorities, and consulates of other states are located in this area.

However, Bur Dubai is one of the lagging areas in terms of car traffic management. There are very big traffic jams here in the mornings and evenings. Therefore, we advise you not to use a taxi, but to travel by metro.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that the buildings in the area were built at the beginning of the development of the UAE. At that time, few people thought about how to position buildings to make room for parking areas. Therefore, there are very few parking spaces in the current area of the district, and paid parking greatly inflates prices.

Note! Before your vacation, consider whether you will rent a car and where you will park it.

Also, keep in mind that crossing the bridge in Dubai costs about four dirhams. You will have to pay when crossing the Dubai Creek Canal, even if you take a taxi.

Where to Stay in Bur Dubai

There are quite a few high-class hotels here, about 10. The price for one night in such a hotel is approximately 200 or 350 dollars. Raffles Dubai is recognized as the most colorful hotel. This hotel is shaped like a pyramid.

There are about sixty hotels in the area. The choice is huge, you can choose a hotel for yourself, depending on the star rating and price.

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There are also a large number of other affordable hotels here. It is quite possible to find a hotel for 55-85 dollars per night. The minimum price per night in Bur Dubai hotels is $40. But even in such a hotel the level of service will be high, and the rooms will always be clean.

Advantages of the Bur Dubai Area

The main advantage of Bur Dubai is its convenient public transport system. There are 9 metro stations on the territory. From each hotel, you can get to the station in about ten minutes. Using the metro you can reach any attraction or any amusement park in just 20 minutes. You can also use taxi services, which will cost a little more. For about ten kilometers, the taxi driver will ask you about twenty dirhams.

The second advantage of this area is the short distance to the airport. If you use the metro, you can get to hotels in Bur Dubai from the airport and vice versa in about 15 minutes, and by taxi, you can spend 10 minutes, the travel time depends on your hotel.

Attractions of Bur Dubai


As we have already mentioned, Bur Dubai has a fairly large number of attractions. Museums are especially common here. But we understand that tourists are more interested in entertainment, so we will talk about them.

Dolphinarium. This is a huge entertainment complex. It hosts not only shows with dolphins. For example, you can see many exotic birds. There are also mirror labyrinths, a trampoline area, and interactive film screenings. This building can accommodate up to 1,300 people, and on weekends it is completely full.

Zabeel Park. This is a huge park, the entrance to which costs about five dirhams. More than ten thousand trees were planted in the park, and there is a jogging track along the entire perimeter. There are also various facilities dedicated to skateboarding and other hobbies.

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Shopping center BurJuman. This is a massive shopping and entertainment complex that accommodates over 300 stores, 50+ restaurants, large children’s play areas, and a vast food court.

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