Budget Entertainment in Dubai: Where to Have a Good Time and Not Spend a Lot of Money

7:56 pm  |  10.06.2021
Budget Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai is a city of contrasts. And only by embracing its past and present will you discover our emirate and experience its culture in its entirety. Someone comes to Dubai for just a couple of days, someone travels with family, and there are those who look for budget options for recreation. In any case, whatever the purpose of your trip, you will find entertainment and attractions in Dubai for which you will not have to overpay. Some of them will cost you just one dirham.

Start Your Shopping Tour in Bur Dubai 

Dubai Creek Bay, once the centre of pearl fishing, is located in the heart of Old Dubai. 

Go ashore in Deir and seek lucrative purchases in the spice, cloth, and gold markets, where you can experience the unique atmosphere and flavors of the eastern bazaars. The gold in Dubai is of unparalleled quality, but even if you’re not going to do the shopping, just walk around the mall to see the showcases, it will leave you with indelible impressions. The bazaars are open all day, but it’s worth remembering that trade comes to life in the afternoon.

Price: 1 dirham (US$ 0.27) per transfer on the ground. No fee is charged for visiting markets.

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Jumeirah Mosque

A tour of the city’s largest mosque costs only 20 dirhams ($5.45). 

The 75-minute tour organized by the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Cooperation Centre will enrich your knowledge of Islamic culture and the history of the region. The guide will answer all questions and tell about the Emirate’s Muslim religion and customs. For those who do not profess Islam, the Jumeira Mosque is open six days a week (all days except Friday). Excursions start at 10:00. When visiting the mosque, it is necessary to observe modesty in clothes. Choose long-sleeved clothing, trousers, or long skirts. Women are required to wear headscarves.

Price: 20 dirhams ($5.45).

Burj Khalifa

Visiting Dubai cannot do without looking at the architectural wonders that have shaped the city’s modern appearance. 

Downtown Dubai, one of the busiest business and tourist areas of the city, houses Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Its height is 828 meters (160 floors). The price of visiting the viewing area At The Top, which offers an amazing view of the city, begins with 125 dirhams ($34) per person. The height of the tower can also be estimated at the foot of the tower, by trying to photograph the whole building (it would take a seat and point the camera up).

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Price: from 120 dirhams.

Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum, whose building resembles the manuscript, tells the history of the United Arab Emirates. 

The museum features thousands of exhibits, both permanent and temporary, as well as interactive educational programs and videos. This museum, located at the very site where the UAE Treaty was signed in 1971, will be of interest to all those who want to learn more about the history of Dubai and the UAE. Tickets from 25 dirhams ($6.8 USD). The museum is open daily.

Price: from 25 dirhams.

Delicious Local Food

If you’re hungry, do what locals do, go to the street on December 2nd, where you can enjoy a tasty and inexpensive meal. This street, formerly called Al Dhiyafa, blended a variety of food, from Indian to Iranian to Lebanese to Pakistani. The Al Mallah restaurant makes the best Dubai chicken shawarma, which is served in a wrapped scone with pickles and garlic. And in Restaurant Ravi on Al Satwa Street, you will find delicious Pakistani dishes for just 30 dirhams ($8.15 USD), the most popular of which is Biryani. Be sure to take cash with you, as most restaurants do not accept cards.

Price: approximately 15 dirhams per person.

Al-Fahidi Historic District

Among the historic houses with the traditional wind towers, which are perfectly preserved in the Al Fahidi area, there are galleries and cafés where time seems to have stopped. 

The winding streets will take you to the XVA Gallery art café, a quiet place in one of the courtyards, where you can enjoy a delicious snack and see the works of local contemporary art. Be sure to visit the Arabian Tea House, where you can find more than 100 varieties of tea or view sculptures and paintings in the Majlis Gallery. Al Fahidi also houses the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Understanding Centre and a coffee museum.

Price: free.

Kite Beach

Dubai is simply designed for beach holidays: sunny weather reigns year-round, and along the Arabian Gulf stretches a 40-kilometer strip of golden beaches. 

There are many free beaches in the city, which are visited with pleasure by residents and guests of the metropolis. One such beach is the Kite Beach Café and Fudtrak, among which Salt is particularly popular. Kite Beach is an ideal place for kitesurfing and a variety of water sports. Lounges and equipment can be rented and professional rescuers monitor safety.

Price: free.

Dubai and Cinema Akil Canal

A walk along the Dubai Canal, opened in 2016, will give you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of the continuously growing city. 

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With a 3.2 km walk, the architectural appearance of Dubai, led by the legendary Burj Khalifa Tower, is in a completely new light. The canal crosses unusual bridges and illuminated waterfalls you will not regret if you dedicate winter day or spring evening to the promenade.

Price: free.

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