Box Park Dubai: Beautiful Streets and Cozy Restaurants

8:55 am  |  10.09.2021
Box Park Dubai

Box Park in Dubai is a beautiful promenade in the city with many shops and restaurants. You can compare this to a pedestrian zone and there is always a lot going on, especially in the evening. If you want to end the evening in the metropolis then you’ve come to the right place. The location is also very good and you can get there quickly by taxi.

Information about the Box Park in Dubai

Tourists who vacation in the emirate of Dubai always spend a lot of time shopping. Because the city has the largest shopping centers in the world, such as the Dubai Mall. However, it is an air-conditioned building there. With the pleasantly warm temperatures, however, outdoor shopping is also an option.

That means you move around in the open air and only the shops are air-conditioned. There are other similar promenades in the city, such as Box Park. This is for example the City Walk, The Beach, La Mer, or Al Seef. These are very similar and you can easily spend a few hours there without getting bored. As you can see from the name, the shops and restaurants are in a kind of box. At first glance, these look like a container.

As a visitor, you can visit many shops there and these are similar to a large mall. In principle, you can find many clothing stores and household goods there. Then there are good sports shops where you can buy new swimming trunks or bathing suits.

If you have forgotten it then you can buy it there. The prices there are similar to those in a large shopping center. It is certainly very practical if you have booked a hotel nearby. Then you can get there very quickly and go shopping.

What Kind of Shops are There

You can say that there are very different businesses. In principle the same as in a large shopping center. Of course, you can find a lot of clothing stores from some well-known brands there.

Then there are housewares, perfume stores and much more. When there is an action or like at the Dubai Shopping Festival, there are always good offers. You can also get a bargain there. It is often the case that the same stores can be found in a shopping mall. The prices are then also very similar or even the same if it is a branch of a large brand. But a stroll through Box Park is always interesting. Especially at night when everything is nicely lit.

Restaurants and Cafes

 A large part of Box Park consists of restaurants and cafes. Especially in the evening, you have to expect a lot of visitors. Then these always fill up very quickly. 

During the day it is a little quieter because of the high temperatures. Then you are always looking for a shady place. But in the evening the temperatures are very pleasant and then it is a good idea to have dinner outdoors.

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You can find everything you can imagine from pizza to burgers. If you are not so hungry then it is a good idea to visit a cafe. Of course, Asian cuisine is also offered there.

Perfect Service in Box Park Dubai

In addition to shopping and gastronomy, Box park offers its visitors some valuable services. 210 free parking spaces are available to visitors directly in front of the Boxpark shops. Meraas offers free use of W-LAN after a short registration phase.

An information desk provides helpful information about questions about the Box park, and mobile charging stations for cell phones and smartphones are set up in three places. In order to get around the Boxpark faster, the “EZ Taxi” and the “EZ Train” chauffeur visitors along the shopping mile daily from 4 pm to 11.30 pm. In addition to several changing rooms, children can explore the area at two playgrounds, while three shady quiet areas with benches invite you to take a relaxing break.

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Opening Hours

Before visiting, you should always find out about the current opening times of Box Park. But it is open every day of the week. This means that from Sunday to Wednesday the shops are open between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. On the weekend from Thursday to Saturday, these are open between 10:00 a.m. and midnight. In the case of the restaurants, they are always open until midnight, even during the week. As already mentioned, these are always well attended, especially in the evening. 

Address and Location

Box Park is located directly on Al Wasl Road and can be easily reached by taxi. Those who have never been there should prefer this mode of transport. Otherwise, you will probably not find the promenade so quickly. The City Walk and La Mer can also be reached quickly from there. It is best if you look at it right away because you are already close by. But the concept is very similar. 

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You Can Park There

If you have a rental car you can park it there. Valet parking is also offered there for a fee. But in principle, the normal parking spaces are also sufficient in Box Park in Dubai. There is also free WiFi internet access for visitors.

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