Blue Souk: A Very Beautiful Souk in Sharjah

6:52 pm  |  30.04.2022
Blue Souk

Tourists should definitely visit the Blue Souk in Sharjah. Also known as Central Market. Many taxi drivers are unfamiliar with the term Blue Souk. The building is beautifully made and very reminiscent of earlier Arabic architecture with many domed roofs and wind towers. The souk was completely renovated a few years ago and now shines in new splendor. In the Blue Souk itself, there are many gold shops where you can usually negotiate a very good price.

In the Dubai Gold Souk, the prices are usually a bit higher because it is better known. You can also buy a lot of electronics and souvenirs there. There is ample parking if you come by rental car. The Blue Souk is also very interesting for tourists as there are many exchange offices where you can exchange money.

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The Blue Souk In Sharjah is located right next to the famous Khalid Lagoon. From here you also have a very nice panoramic view of the Sharjah skyline. The souk is closed during lunchtime from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. After that, you can go shopping until 10:30 p.m. If you have booked a hotel in Sharjah, for example, the Coral Beach Resort, then tourists have the opportunity to use the free shuttle bus that runs to the various souks and shopping malls in Sharjah. The Blue Souk is certainly one of the very special souks in Sharjah. This can be seen from the clear fact that the building in and of itself has enjoyed great popularity for a long time.

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Impressive Architecture

Blue Souk Sharjah

One of the reasons for this is that it has the typical Islamic style of architecture. Which is otherwise rarely found in the region these days. At the same time, however, it is the enormous dimensions of the Blue Souk that make thousands of people want to take a look inside. The souk even has a total of 12 entrances, which once again emphasizes how important the building already is. On the other hand, one naturally also asks oneself which other factors also play a role.

For example, you get the point that the question about culinary specialties can be answered very well. Right from the start, the provider focused very strongly on providing customers with the most comprehensive range possible. This can be seen today, for example, in the variety that there is to discover with regard to the different dishes.

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On the one hand, there would be the simple burgers and fries, which basically do not differ from those that can be discovered here with us. On the other hand, visitors can also discover real culinary highlights from the region for themselves. All these points suggest that spending a day of one’s stay at the Blue Souk in Sharjah can be very interesting. The right offer is definitely available and can be used directly.

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