Bikini: In Reality, Women are Allowed to Wear a Bikini in Dubai

4:58 pm  |  01.11.2021
Bikini in Dubai

On vacation in Dubai, you would of course like to wear a bikini in the hot temperatures. Here you can find out whether you are allowed to do this and where this is allowed at all.

In Dubai, Women are Allowed to Wear a Bikini

Of course, women like to wear a bikini on vacation at the beach or at the hotel pool. Furthermore, these are not only very nice to look at, but they are also very practical. You can use it to tan your skin well and you certainly want to have some color when you are on vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But since this is an Islamic travel destination, other rules and regulations also apply there.

Bikini Dubai

As a tourist, you have to take this into account in any case so that you don’t get into faux pas there. In the past, there were always incidents with tourists who were even arrested. We definitely recommend that you find out more about the destination and what is and what is not allowed there. It may well be that this is allowed without problems in another holiday destination. But then maybe not there at all. On this page, you can find out whether it is allowed to wear a bikini and where exactly.


As a rule, holidaymakers are always on the hotel beach and pool, and a bikini is definitely allowed there. There will be no problems there as there are also tourists who come from Europe, for example. However, you should also wear a bikini where you can’t see too much skin. You should definitely pay attention to this there because you can attract glances from others. As a rule, the motto there always applies: the less skin you show, the better it is.

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Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the right sun protection because the temperatures are very high, especially in summer. There you have to reckon with around 40 degrees in the shade. You can get sunburn very quickly and you certainly don’t want that on vacation. Of course, you can also wear a bathing suit and that is also allowed. But at very high temperatures this is not so suitable as it makes you sweat faster. So this is not a problem at all on the beach or the pool from the hotel and you can always orientate yourself on what the other hotel guests are wearing.

What Do You Have to Consider with Public Beaches?

For example, if you have booked a city hotel where there is only a small pool, then you certainly want to go to the beach. The city has a very large selection of public beaches such as La Mer Beach that you can visit. But there are a few things to watch out for as you can meet locals there. Of course, you can also wear a bikini there. You don’t necessarily have to wear a bathing suit there.


But you should definitely not show too much skin there. As already mentioned, this can attract glances from others and you don’t want that there. Especially on weekends, there will be a lot of guest workers who want to relax. If they then see a beautiful woman who is lightly dressed then of course she draws attention to her. We would rather be a little cautious there.

Nude Bathing in Dubai is Definitely Forbidden

In any case, as a tourist, you have to know that nude bathing is definitely forbidden in Dubai. That means you are not allowed to remove your bikini top. As a rule, as a woman, you always want to have a nice, even tan. In order to achieve this, you always remove the top so that you cannot see the stripes. But you definitely shouldn’t do that there, especially if you’re on a public beach. It may well be that a local then call the police because he feels bothered by it. You should always follow the rules exactly so that you don’t get any problems.

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Do You Have to Wear a Burkini as a Woman There?

You have certainly seen that the local women in Dubai wear a burkini on the beach. The whole body is then covered there and you don’t see very much skin. Furthermore, they go into the water and tourists from Europe are not used to this. But this is quite normal there. As a woman, you are probably wondering if you have to wear it there. It is not necessary and should not be done as it can bother women. We recommend wearing a bikini or swimsuit and then you are always on the safe side.

Wear the Bikini or Swimsuit Only on the Beach or Pool

Then we have an important tip here that you definitely have to consider. If you want to go from the hotel room to the pool or the beach then you should wear a suitable beach dress over it. That means you shouldn’t walk through the hotel in a bikini and that is definitely not seen there. It may well be that you will be approached by the staff that you shouldn’t do this. When you arrive at the beach chair you can take off your beach dress and not before. The same applies again when you go back to the hotel room.

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Our Opinion

As a tourist, you always have to adhere to the applicable rules and then you won’t have any problems on vacation. You always have to know that you are in a foreign country and that means you have to adapt there. This of course starts with the clothing and our tip is always not to show too much skin. Then you are always on the safe side there and you will be able to spend a great holiday. Even if the temperatures are very hot you have to stick to them.

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