Best Indian Restaurants in UAE: Smell Spice and Taste India

2:14 pm  |  23.07.2021
Best Indian Restaurants in UAE

If you love Haute Indian cuisine and contemporary luxurious design, this list is for you.

Rang Mahal at JW Marriot Marquis Dubai

The chef of this restaurant is Michelin-starred Atul Kochhar, so rest assured that you will experience the finest Indian cuisine. Kochhar regularly comes to Rang Mahal to work, so the quality and atmosphere of the restaurant are always excellent. In his absence, the kitchen is ruled by the equally talented Amrish Suud. His dishes are bold, the presentation is surprising, all the experiments are successful. Rang Mahal is divided into two halls.

The first hall is a lounge bar with dim lighting, red walls, patterned grilles, niches with velvet sofas, cushions, and dark lacquered floors: a kind of Indian-style boudoir.

The second hall – the restaurant itself – is designed in the style of the culture of Rajasthan: massive carved pillars, statues of gods, and huge frescoes with dancers. All this is perfectly combined with an open kitchen theater.

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Go to the lounge first and sample some local cocktails. All of them play up the Indian theme in one way or another, but don’t be afraid – alcohol will only help you acclimate to spices. We recommend the ISHQ cocktail: a light aperitif with sparkling wine, saffron, and homemade jasmine liqueur. Check out the Indian wines from the Sula vineyards – you will be pleasantly surprised by their soft, floral taste.

Atul Kochkhara’s menu is unusual and tempting. However, you don’t have to be afraid of spices – each dish is prepared especially for you, and you can choose the degree of its sharpness to your taste.

Try a set menu. It includes several dishes, including sea bass in coconut sauce, stewed lamb with masala, and betel leaf ice cream. Steamed rice and naan and roti cakes are offered as side dishes for these dishes – all of which are so delicious that they should have been ordered separately.

Junoon at Shangri La Dubai

The main chef of this restaurant is Vikas Hanna, the proud owner of two Michelin stars and, interestingly, a place of honor in the rating of “100 Sexiest Men on the Planet” according to People magazine.

Vikas Hannah opened his first restaurant in New York next to the Iron skyscraper and has long earned an enviable reputation – but the food and atmosphere in the Dubai restaurant are no worse. World-class Indian cuisine is served here – but it must be said right off the bat that curries can be slightly spicier than usual.

Even the simple yellow lentil soup is extremely outstanding here, but more complex dishes are worth trying, for example, the tender and spicy malay curry with shrimps. For dessert, order kulfi ice cream – not only because of the taste but also for the sake of the show: the chef will come to your table and make several portions with different flavors, using liquid nitrogen and not using milk.

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The design is cozy but modern at the same time: soft light, purple, and gold, polished mahogany floor. Tables are at a decent distance from each other in the corners of the room but are placed around the open kitchen. To order the “Gala” menu, you need to come at a minimum of three. It is the perfect choice for large companies. The menu also includes a vegetarian program.

NAYA at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

In Hindi, “Naya” means “new”. The menu was created by Chef Pravish Shetty. He claims to be “inspired by classic, authentic North Indian recipes that he collected from family and friends in India for many years.”

Despite the abundance of gold in the interior, Naya is a cross between an elite restaurant and a democratic institution, with a relaxed home atmosphere, where it is pleasant to sit with friends. The circular hall has gleaming golden columns, and shiny balls hang from the ceiling – but the atmosphere is still not very formal.

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The chef’s signature dish – Naya lamb chops masala / Lamb ribs with masala are marinated for 24 hours, so they literally melt in your mouth. It is good to order great saffron rice and two naan cakes with them: one with butter, and the other spicy, with coconut and cheese. We also recommend trying Fish masala and one of the oldest Indian desserts – Kheer. The chef prepares it here in his own way, adding lychee for the scent.

The service is fast here. Prices are neither high nor low: main courses start at 80 dirhams. There are many Indian restaurants in the city and even in this area, many of which are run by eminent chefs – but we are glad to inform you that the Naya restaurant is quite capable of competing with them: already because of the quality of the food. All dishes were delicious, fresh, and vibrant. And the chef’s charm, friendliness, and passion for the cuisine of North India, which he will gladly tell you about, will add pleasant memories to your evening.

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