Best Hammams in the United Arab Emirates

2:52 pm  |  18.07.2021
Best Hammams in the United Arab Emirates

Hammam is a ritual of total relaxation. It was born many centuries ago, but the main has hardly changed. Modern luxury and convenience have only made it better. We present a review of the most luxurious hammams in the Emirates.

The ancient Greeks and Romans two thousand years ago regularly visited the terms. They moved from the room to the room, trying to go sweat well, then the baths were extended with special brushes with dead skin with them, made a massage, and rubbed oils.

But if the Roman Empire invented the bath, then Ottoman brought it to perfection: Hammama first appeared here. The port highlighted huge funds on luxurious, lush inside and outside the house – in some of these houses in Istanbul and to this day there is a bath. Hammam was open to visitors from sunrise.

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Guests put on wooden shoes, so as not to slip, they took a soft cotton towel and walked into a warm room – relax. Then in the hot room – to come sweat well. In the next hall, the masseuse laid the guest to the marble bed and rubbed the rigid washcloth with an abundant soap foam to remove dead cells.

Wash off a foam, guests passed to the cool room, which served as a place to communicate. In the men’s room exchanged news, business meetings conducted, and organized the philosophical debate. And in the feminine – they listened to music, communicated, and enjoyed sweets.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Hammama ceased to be the center of public life. But otherwise, this ritual has not changed in the XXI century. You can go on a chain of hot rooms today, lie on the marble table and “wash off the whole negative”, getting rid of stress.

Throughout the Middle East, from Dubai to Muscat, lush hammams are waiting for their Sibarites with superior amenities. Today, Hammamam has even more thorough and useful procedures. You will be offered massage oils with gold or diamonds, scrubs and clay from distant countries, and steam rooms with exotic flavors. Among other things, the accommodation for Hammamov is specially designed and decorated to settle the look.

Talise Ottoman Spa

Turkish Hammam at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel retains the age-old traditions of the Eastern Public Bath. The local halls are spacious enough to come here in the four-way (although there is a semi-wool zone and private hammam for couples).

This is the biggest hammam in the Middle East. The halls are decorated with darling columns, decorated with dark wood and mosaic; The ceilings are painted manually as in the old palaces. The Royal Ottoman SPA-procedure begins with the fact that the masseuse with power rubs the entire body of the guest by the traditional washbasin of Kesie. It helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates blood supply. Then guests are wrapped in a cloud of soapy foam, and the therapist begins massage – from head to feet, with force to grate soap deep into the skin and save the guest from tension in the whole body.

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Then soap is washed off with warm water from shallow copper plates, and the guest is a light scalp massage with shampoo and air conditioning. The royal procedure completes the nutritional mask for the face and body from honey and sesame. After the last ablution, the skin will glisten and fiercely. Guests will give the bracelets of the XAMS, and then they will be invited to relax in the private zone, drink a refreshing yogurt, and eating dates and dried fruits.

Emirates Palace Spa

In the heart of the most luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi – Emirates Palace, inspired by the Persian Gulf Culture, you will find traditional Hammam in Moroccan style. 

Here they are confident that Hammam is the best procedure for healing the body. There are two jacuzzies, two pairs, a marble table, and even an ice cave. The hotel is incredibly luxurious – and Hammam, located under the blue dome, imitating the evening starry sky, looks no less impressive.

Fine natural flavors and rare precious ingredients love in the east. They are devoted to the procedure “Palace Rose”: here the skin of Greina Gasulu with Rose (cosmetic mineral Gassul is reached exclusively in the area of ​​Atlas Mountains) and Shea with a rose. After the procedure, the skin literally sparkles.

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Saray Spa

A huge Saray Spa salon (4300 square meters) is located in the hotel-skyscraper JW Marriott Marquis Dubai: Big Hotel – Large Spa-Salon. 

Its interior is inspired by the caravansers – places for recreation, which were located on ancient trade routes. Here and today are waiting for travelers who need to restore forces. Saray SPA has two separate spacious hammams: male and female.

Smooth gray marble and calm blue mosaics look more likely in the spirit of modern minimalism than in the spirit of traditional Hammam. In addition, you will find a huge menu of a variety of procedures. For example, you can feel the power of nature in the “Dead Sea” procedure – during it, soaps of olive oil and handmade salt from the Jordan Dead Sea are used, and then a mask is made on the body from the nutrient dirt of this sea.

And if you prefer something more luxurious, choose the Golden Shed procedure. It includes wrapping with gold clay and peace, face mask from gold Arabic honey, and massage with butter infused on 24-carat gold and jasmine, stimulating cell recovery. The topic of Middle Eastern luxury continues aromatic procedures, lots of tea, and even a pool with water from the Dead Sea.

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