Bateaux Dubai: Dinner Boat Travel with the Bateaux Dubai on the Creek

11:24 am  |  14.10.2021
Bateaux Dubai

Making a dinner tour on the Dubai Creek is possible with Bateaux Dubai. This boat tour takes 2.5 hours where a 4-course dinner is included. For tourists, this is a special experience there once.

Information about Bateaux Dubai

Surely you also want to make excursions and tours in Dubai if you are vacationing there. If you want to make something very special and romantic then Bateaux Dubai offers. There you make a nice boat tour on the famous Dubai Creek in the evening. Now you ask yourself why you do this only in the evening. The reason is of course that everything is beautiful there and the Creek is the lifeblood of the Arab metropolis. You drive past the skyline with many high buildings where you can experience the traditional Dubai with the souks and markets. This dinner Cruise is unique in Dubai and for tourists that make it very suitable for the first time there. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to do photos there.

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How Long Does This Boat Tour Take

Bateaux Dubai

If you decide on a tour with the Bateaux Dubai then you drive about 2.5 hours along the Dubai Creek. Many tourists do not know this anymore because they prefer to go to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. But on the Creek, everything started and there the first skyscrapers were built. Furthermore, there are still the famous wooden ships that call DHOW where today is still a trade is driven. So this is especially interesting for tourists to look by. Anyone who is interested in traditional Dubai without modern skyscrapers is exactly right there and should do this tour.

Is There a Dinner Included

The special feature at Bateaux Dubai is certainly that a 4-course dinner is already there. So you need no restaurant on this day because you get a gourmet menu there. Incidentally, the dishes are prepared fresh on the boat of chefs and you get there a very good quality served. You do not have to worry about that you get problems with the stomach. Surely for the visitors is always interesting what you get there to eat there. There is something for everyone and the courts were also adapted to European and American tourists.

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Dubai Creek in the evening

You always get there an appetizer where you can make a salad, for example. But there are also Arab dishes, of course, and you should try them once when you go on vacation in an Arab country. At the main course, you can choose again between different dishes such as beef, lamb or even chicken. There are also vegetarian dishes and there is something for everyone. Of course, there is also a dessert with numerous sweet dishes such as cheesecake, fruit plate, or a cheese plate.

You Also Get Their Alcoholic Drinks Served

The topic of drinking alcohol in Dubai is always very important to tourists. Because many want to do without a cool beer or wine during dinner. It is important to know that the alcohol consumption in Dubai is very limited and vacationers usually get this only in the hotel bar because they have an alcohol license. In a supermarket in Dubai, you can only buy non-alcoholic beer. With Bateaux Dubai, however, it is possible to get alcohol. You have to select this when booking the tour. There is a package where alcoholic drinks are there and non-alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, you also get a welcome drink when you get on the boat.

How Much is the Boat Tour with the Bateaux Dubai

Of course, a very important question is how much the dinner cruise with the Bateaux Dubai costs at all. The daily updates always get you in our Dubai Ticketshop. In our opinion, the prices are okay there a boat trip and dinner is included. If you would book all this one then you pay there much more. So you can even save money there.

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Is Pick-up from the Hotel Included

At the Bateaux Dubai, you have to organize the transfer to the boat yourself. This means the pickup from the booked hotel in Dubai is not included. It is not possible that all passengers are picked up by the hotels. It can certainly be the some, for example, in the Atlantis The Palm Hotel and from there it is a wide range of the Creek. But that’s not a problem at all and you can leave the taxi. The taxi prices in Dubai are not very expensive and after the boat trip, you can go back to the hotel from there. Furthermore, many passengers still give a tip. But everyone can decide how much and whether he wants to give something.

There is a Dress Code There

Surely you can imagine that you can not come in short pants and a T-shirt on such a boat tour. There is a dress code that calls smart casual. In women, an evening dress is recommended and long pants and a shirt for men. Then you are in any case dressed correctly and you will not notice. Furthermore, you should wear closed shoes.

Does the Bateaux Dubai Have Air Conditioning

In the summer months, it can be very warm in Dubai and the temperatures in the evening are still around 30 degrees. Thus, one starts to sweat there very quickly. So this does not happen in the boat this is of course air-conditioned. It is also very important because food is prepared there and in the kitchen, it must not be too warm. So you do not need to worry about there.

What Sights Do You Get to See There

Of course the beautiful panorama of Dubai Creek in the evening. There always starts to light up and you can look at the flange mile Al Seaf. There is also nearby Bateaux Dubai. Certainly impressive are the two Twin Towers that you can see from afar. There is always something going on on the Creek and there are many boats and also the ABRAS.

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