Aura Sky Pool: The Highest 360-Degree Infinity Pool in the World is Only in Dubai 

7:47 pm  |  06.06.2022
Aura Sky Pool

One of the most spectacular pools in Dubai to visit is definitely the Aura Sky Pool. This is the highest 360-degree infinity pool in the whole world and that makes it so special and unique.

Visit the Aura Sky Pool in Dubai

There are many beautiful luxury hotels in the emirate that also have a beautiful outdoor pool. The Atlantis The Palm Hotel, or The Address Beach Resort, would certainly be worth mentioning. But then there is another very interesting pool and that is the Aura Sky Pool. As you have already learned, this is very high with a fantastic view that is unique in Dubai.

The view makes it, and that’s why you should visit it once. In this article, you will learn how to do this and how much it actually costs. But it is definitely worth it and you will be amazed. You can also take great photos of the trip from up there. It’s an experience you should treat yourself to on vacation.

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Address and Location

Pool Overlooking Dubai Marina | © Aura Sky Pool

The first thing you should do is find out where the Aura Sky Pool is located. The answer is at The Palm Jumeirah and more specifically at The Palm Tower. Incidentally, this is also the tallest building on Palm Island, where The View at The Palm is also located. There you are a little higher at 240 meters. The view is also unique there, but of course, you can’t go swimming there.

But now back to how to reach the pool at all. It is best if you can take a taxi to Palm Tower. This is definitely the easiest. If you have a rental car, you can park it in the large multi-story car park at Nakheel Mall. Furthermore, one could use the monorail from the island. But this does not go so far that it would be worthwhile. So always better use the taxi.

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Opening Hours

The Aura Sky Pool is of course open every day because the demand is always so great and every tourist would like to visit it. That means you can always visit it from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. But at the weekend you always have to reckon with many visitors. We recommend going during the week when you have more peace and privacy. But in principle, everyone has to decide for themselves when they want to go there.


To visit this beautiful pool you need a reservation. You should definitely reserve these long before the actual holiday because the demand is very high. Furthermore, the price always depends on what time you want to visit it. For example, there is a Morning Experience that you can only visit in the morning. That would then be the case from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Prices there start at 200 dirhams per person. Then there is the Afternoon Experience where you can visit the pool from 3 pm until sunset. Of course, this time is particularly popular and the demand is very high, as you can imagine. Furthermore, you have to spend a little more money there and the prices there start at 225 dirhams per person.

Do You Have To Be a Hotel Guest at the St. Regis Dubai The Palm?

Sunset | © Aura Sky Pool

The first thing you should know is that the five-star luxury hotel St. Regis Dubai The Palm is located in The Palm Tower. By the way, this hotel has 290 rooms and suites where you can also enjoy a fantastic view. It is important to know that you do not necessarily have to be a hotel guest to visit the Aura Sky Pool. If you stay there overnight then you have to pay an entrance fee. But the hotel guests also have two beautiful infinity pools at their disposal, which also have a great view.


If you then have a reservation then you will surely ask yourself where the entrance is. The entrance is in the hotel area and then a very fast elevator takes you to the 50th floor of The Palm Tower. It doesn’t take very long and you can look forward to the experience you can enjoy right away.

In the pictures, of course, it looks like you’re about to swim outside at the infinity pool. But it is not dangerous and there is no need to be afraid. Of course, the operator of the Aura Sky Pool also ensures the safety of the visitors. You can’t fall down there or swim out what looks like. But it is definitely a spectacular experience that you should treat yourself to. This is only in Dubai.

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If you stay there all day or for a few hours, you will certainly get hungry or thirsty. Especially in the hot summer months, one is always looking for a cool cocktail. Of course, you can get it there too. It is also possible to have breakfast there with a great view.

Our Opinion

Visiting the Aura Sky Pool is definitely an experience and you should try to get a ticket well in advance. The demand is of course very high. Admission is certainly not that cheap. But it is something special and you will be amazed by the great view. An alternative would be to visit The View at The Palm, which is a little higher.

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