Are Mobile Phones Cheaper in Dubai: The Selection of Mobile Phones in Dubai is Very Large

8:32 pm  |  17.03.2022
Mobile Phones in Dubai

We will explain here whether mobile phones can be bought cheaper in Dubai. You can get all the latest devices from well-known brand manufacturers in the city.

Are Mobile Phones Cheaper in Dubai?

Nowadays, of course, popular mobile phones are indispensable. Smartphones have become a constant companion and everyone practically always has them with them. Furthermore, there are also many who even have several of them in their pockets. It’s very different for everyone. But the most important thing, of course, is always that you have the latest mobile phone. 

But the price there is of course not very cheap and for the latest model, you usually have to spend several hundred dollars. For some, it is even more than 1,200 dollars and that is for a smartphone. Then, of course, you ask yourself whether you can buy it cheaper abroad. If you’re already on holiday in Dubai, you’ll quickly get the idea there, as there are many electronics shops where you can buy them. In this article, we will deal with whether the purchase is worthwhile or not.

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Where to Buy the Latest Smartphone

Dubai Handy

As already mentioned, the selection is very large and you only have to go to one of the large Dubai shopping malls. This is for example the Dubai Mall and also the Mall of the Emirates. You don’t have to search for long there and you will find numerous electronics shops there. This is for example Jumbo Electronics, Sharaf DG, and many more. An insider tip is certainly the large Apple Store in the Dubai Mall, where you also have a great view of the Dubai Fountain. There is a large outdoor terrace where you can admire the show. So you don’t have to search for long there and there are other big shops too. You have to know that all well-known manufacturers who sell mobile phones in Dubai have a large branch there.

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The most important question is of course what the prices are for mobile phones in Dubai. You want to save money. Otherwise, you could buy it at home and not have to fly extra to the United Arab Emirates. In our opinion, the prices are similar to those in western countries and you can’t make a bargain at first glance. This is often presented in numerous media and you can buy everything in Dubai very cheaply. But the well-known manufacturers do not give away the products there either, which one can imagine. Furthermore, one must always remember that one has to pay for this in the dirham currency there.

That means you also have to take the exchange rate into account and this certainly plays a major role in whether you buy it or not. If the exchange rate between the dollar and the dirham is very good, then you should definitely grab it. Then you can also save money. Maybe you still have dirhams left over from your last trip to Dubai and you can use them there. For example, if you pay by credit card, you still have to factor in the fees charged by the credit card company. You pay on-site in dirhams and at home, you are billed in dollars. A larger sum can then come together there, which you might get annoyed about later. So the means of payment also plays an important role.

Are the Cell Phones in Dubai Selling the Latest Models?

When buying a smartphone, you always want the latest model. Of course, you can also get this in Dubai and the selection is very large. As a rule, this is then always presented in English. But the manufacturers always offer the option of changing the language during setup. So this is not a problem and the cell phones in Dubai are easy to set up. Especially when a new smartphone comes onto the market, everyone would like to have it. The inhabitants of Dubai have a lot of money and it doesn’t matter how much it costs at the moment. You just want the latest model.

Are There Any Offers There?

UAE Dirham

The Emirate of Dubai is also known as a shopping paradise. There are always big discounts, especially at the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprises. Of course, these also apply to mobile phones in Dubai and you can then make a bargain. If you are lucky then this is much cheaper than in western countries. There are many tourists who only fly to the emirate to shop. Furthermore, you can also combine shopping and holidays perfectly, which is very practical. In the other months, there are always offers. 

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Note the Duty-Free Import Allowance

What many tourists don’t know is the duty-free allowance. That means if you buy several mobile phones in Dubai, for example, you can easily spend more than 1,200 dollars. 

Our Opinion

Buying cell phones in Dubai definitely requires careful consideration and should not be rushed. As already mentioned, you have a large selection there and you will also get the latest smartphone there. But we would only recommend a purchase if it is significantly cheaper than in other countries. You always have to consider the exchange rate and the duty-free import allowance. If this is not the case then it is better to buy it at home. Furthermore, you will definitely have more security with the guarantee if it should ever break.

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