Architect for Trump: Construction Oasis in Dubai Crafted by Hussein Sajwani

9:40 pm  |  01.12.2023

Developer Hussein Sajwani has amassed immense wealth in the real estate sector, employing unique promotions and leveraging his friendship with Donald Trump.

The Akoya Marvel

In the heart of Dubai, Hussein Sajwani has orchestrated an unparalleled project, the opulent Akoya village, spanning over 260 hectares and situated just 15 minutes from Dubai’s center. At its core lies the prestigious Trump-named golf club, epitomizing success in the Arab world.

The turning point for Sajwani occurred in 2001 when the UAE government granted foreigners the ability to own property. Seizing this opportunity, he delved into high-end real estate, revolutionizing his approach to outshine competitors.

Sajwani’s marketing ingenuity surfaced with a distinctive strategy – offering prospective buyers the chance to experience luxury firsthand. Annual invitations to test new Lamborghinis and BMWs at the Dubai Motor Show became a hallmark, creating an irresistible allure for potential property investors.

Beyond Boundaries

To further diversify his clientele, Sajwani devised tailored campaigns. Damac Properties, under his leadership, initiated a campaign catering to Chinese investors. This inclusive offer included airfare, accommodation, and visa services, extending a warm welcome to those seeking property investment opportunities in the UAE.

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Damac Properties, under the astute leadership of Hussein Sajwani, has established unprecedented collaborations with renowned brands such as Versace, Fendi, and Bugatti. The company is redefining residential architecture by integrating designs from these esteemed fashion houses into its apartments.

Opulent Bugatti Village

The inaugural venture in this venture is the Bugatti Village, spanning over 509 hectares. This distinctive project, akin to Akoya, features a Trump-named golf club. Notably, Bugatti owners will enjoy a unique perk – a glass garage ensuring their prized vehicles remain a constant spectacle.

Navigating Challenges

Damac Properties faced challenges beyond the political realm, with Trump’s policies compounded by low oil prices and global currency fluctuations. The pivot towards the Chinese market emerged as a strategic response, catalyzed by the Russian ruble’s decline, followed by the weakening of the euro and the dollar.

In a dynamic market, Damac employed innovative strategies, assuring customers a 3% annual return on advances. Additionally, the company committed to “maintain” housing costs for two years. This entails compensating customers if property prices fall below the initial purchase value.

Hussein Sajwani, hailing from a modest merchant family in Dubai, envisions growth opportunities amid market challenges. The billionaire’s optimism aligns with the endorsement of his distinguished partners, charting a course for Damac’s continued success.

Sajwani’s journey commenced in a small family store, where he imbibed the intricacies of trade and business. A recipient of a government scholarship, he pursued studies in the U.S., combining academic pursuits with selling timeshare apartments in the UAE.

Entrepreneurial Genesis

Post-graduation in 1981, Sajwani worked in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. The experience underscored the profitability of services, prompting him to venture into his own business. Two years later, he initiated a thriving food delivery enterprise, funded by earnings from his timeshare endeavors.

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Sajwani’s business acumen propelled him to secure major clients, including Bechtel and the U.S. military. Global Logistics Services, founded during this period, became a cornerstone, supplying food to U.S. soldiers across multiple international locations. The company’s innovative capabilities included feeding thousands in the desert using ovens and equipment from a tent.

The convergence of Sajwani’s entrepreneurial spirit, strategic collaborations, and resilience in navigating challenges showcase Damac Properties as a trailblazer in the dynamic realm of luxury real estate.

Diversifying Ventures

In 1996, as his business thrived, Sajwani expanded into investments, focusing on small hotels in Dubai and acquiring properties in the city center. Committed to drawing international attention to Dubai’s property market, he strategically sold assets to fund the purchase of underdeveloped land in the Marina area, now a sprawling city of skyscrapers.

Damac’s Inception and Innovative Strategy

Establishing Damac Properties in 2002 marked a pivotal moment for Sajwani. The company specializes in selling properties within the redeveloped Marina district skyscrapers. Sajwani’s visionary approach involved selling apartments before construction and leveraging buyer investments to finance completion. This calculated strategy proved successful, with the inaugural skyscraper, Marina Terrace, selling out within six weeks from the start of sales.

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Collaborating with Emaar, a state-partnered construction investment firm, Damac Properties played a crucial role in developing the Marina district. Emaar’s construction of the world’s longest artificially created bay set the stage for subsequent tower constructions. Each new skyscraper added by Damac Properties contributed to enhancing Dubai’s global image.

Dubai faced challenges in its real estate sector, leading to government reforms in 2008 and 2009. These laws, including the retention of buyer deposits as collateral, aimed to protect investors and restore confidence after real estate speculation losses. While other developers struggled to recover, Sajwani’s strategic resilience stood out.

Akoya: A Visionary Endeavor

In 2011, amidst industry recovery, Sajwani embarked on an unprecedented project — the luxury village of Akoya. This ambitious venture, initiated in October 2012 with a $350 million investment in government-owned land, showcased Sajwani’s foresight. The project attracted early buyers despite a four-year construction timeline.

Hussein Sajwani’s journey epitomizes a visionary entrepreneur shaping Dubai’s skyline, embracing innovation, and navigating industry challenges with resilience. Damac Properties, under his leadership, continues to leave an indelible mark on the global real estate landscape.

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Damac Properties, under the astute leadership of Hussein Sajwani, has extended its reach beyond the UAE, contributing to transformative projects worldwide. Noteworthy among these ventures are the Beirut Tower and initiatives in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and London. Damac’s commitment is exemplified by its ownership of a 20% stake in international projects, showcasing the company’s global vision, with Sajwani retaining the remaining 80%. This strategic global expansion reinforces Damac Properties as a key player in the international real estate arena.

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