Apply for a Free Alcohol License in Dubai: All Necessary Information

5:46 pm  |  30.06.2023
Alcohol in Dubai

It is possible for tourists to apply for a free alcohol license in Dubai. We will describe exactly how and where to do this here.

Information About Alcohol License in Dubai

The topic of alcohol is always very important to many tourists when they are on vacation. You would like to drink a cool beer in the evening. But alcohol consumption is severely restricted in Dubai as it is an Islamic country. In the past, tourists only had the option of buying alcohol duty-free after landing. This is also served to tourists at the hotel bars. In a supermarket, in the city, you can only buy non-alcoholic beer. But now there is a new and legal way that the Emirate of Dubai has made it possible for tourists to buy alcohol. You have to apply for an alcohol license in Dubai and then you can buy alcohol in certain shops. However, there are some requirements that must be met. We will summarize what these are here.


Beer with Foam

A very important question is of course whether the alcohol license in Dubai costs anything. Because on vacation you certainly don’t want to have too many additional costs and that is always very important for most tourists. That’s why you always book a package tour where everything is included, except for the alcohol, of course. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything for this license and it’s free for tourists. So you don’t have to do without your beer when you’re on vacation in Dubai.

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Where Can You Apply for This?

If you have decided to apply for an alcohol license in Dubai, you can only do so at a branch of Maritime and Mercantile International, MMI for short. These are so-called liquor stores in Dubai, which are also responsible for the alcoholic products at Dubai International Airport. In the meantime, there are not only some branches at the airport, but also in the city. By the way, you can do this in one of the 17 branches. These can be found, for example, at City Walk, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, and, for example, Festival City.

You will certainly go to these malls as a tourist and there you now have the opportunity to buy alcohol. These large shops offer over 2,000 products, including beers from Germany. Another provider where you can still do this is with African + Eastern. There are even 28 branches in the United Arab Emirates, so you have a large selection.



Of course, you have to meet certain requirements in order to be able to apply for an alcohol license. In any case, you have to show your passport and fill out a form. You must also be at least 21 years old. Then you have to sign a declaration that you do not live in the United Arab Emirates. Because this license is only intended for tourists and is therefore subject to certain conditions. As a rule, a copy of the passport is then made and the entry stamps when you entered the country. Because the alcohol license in Dubai is only valid for 30 days. But as a rule, most people only spend a week or two on vacation there. So this should definitely be sufficient. However, there is also the possibility to extend this license. However, the prerequisite is that you also extend your stay in Dubai.

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Rules and Regulations Must Be Observed

For example, if you got an alcohol license in Dubai then you have to follow some regulations and rules. This means that after purchase, the alcohol may only be transported in neutral packaging. One must not immediately recognize that there is a bottle of beer in there, for example. Furthermore, the consumption of alcohol in public is strictly prohibited. We recommend drinking it in the hotel room and it’s not a problem there. In any case, one should also avoid drunkenness and not consume too much alcohol in the emirate. That’s not something people like to see there. Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you do this, you have to reckon with high penalties.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is worth it or not. In principle, after arriving at Dubai Airport, you have the opportunity to visit the duty-free area. There you will find the same products as in the liquor stores. If the amount you would like to consume is not enough then you should apply for an alcohol license in Dubai. But you also have the opportunity to drink a cocktail or beer in the hotel bars. Thus, there are sufficient opportunities for drinking alcohol as a tourist. But you also have to know that alcohol in Dubai is very expensive and you have to spend significantly more money on it than at home in a supermarket. If the prices are not so cheap then you should also consider not drinking too much alcohol. It certainly doesn’t hurt if you reduce consumption a bit.

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Our Opinion

Dubai Duty-Free-Shops

As already mentioned, you shouldn’t overdo it with alcohol consumption on a Dubai vacation. If you go on holiday in an Islamic country, then as a tourist you should adapt accordingly and not attract attention. If you want, you can also get alcohol such as spirits, wine, and beer there. Everyone should decide for themselves whether they have to apply for an alcohol license in Dubai while on vacation.

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