Amazing Dubai: New Heights and Luxury Opportunities

11:02 pm  |  12.12.2023

Dubai is unique in many ways, and its status as “the one” is more evident than anywhere else in the world. Here you can find the highest, deepest, widest, largest, first, most expensive, and unique objects. Certificates from the Guinness Book of Records have become commonplace here, not a rare occurrence. TripAdvisor has named Dubai the world’s top travel destination for 2023 and the safest.

Dubai After the Pandemic: Hospitality and Adventure

Dubai suffered a significant loss of around one million jobs in the tourism sector due to the pandemic. However, the city is now taking proactive steps to attract tourists by offering comfortable and safe conditions for recreation. Tourists can expect a warm welcome from the locals.

The best time to visit Dubai is from October to May when the weather is most pleasant for travelers.

Peaks of Artificial Paradise: Palm Jumeirah

For the people of the Persian Gulf, the palm tree is a symbol of life. Palm Jumeirah is the largest artificial island in the world, visible even from space. This is a private sector with villas available to foreigners with full ownership – a rarity in the UAE. The island has entertainment, from a water park to a dolphinarium. Part of the Marriott family, W Dubai – The Palm provides stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the city.

The water around the island circulates more slowly, making the beaches ideal for lovers of warm seawater. The white sand beach from Zambia brings additional comfort. Palm Jumeirah is not just an island but a unique holiday destination.

To fully appreciate the grandeur of the island, it is recommended to visit The View at The Palm, which opened to tourists in 2021. By allowing people to appreciate the beauty of Palm Jumeirah from above, it adds a new level to the Dubai travel experience.

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If you want to experience the stunning beauty of Palm Jumeirah for a longer time, The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm can provide you with exceptional service and unparalleled rooms. Moreover, they offer a unique Bloody Mary cocktail made with a special recipe that you won’t find anywhere else. This delight is offered in each of the 55 hotels of the chain and includes saffron extract, Arabic spices, date syrup, and dried lime in the wine room, creating a mesmerizing taste.

Cordelia Restaurant is proud of its huge collection of wines, almost 2 thousand bottles from all over the world. After visiting The View at The Palm, you can enjoy lunch here, plunging into the world of wines and amazing tastes.

Modern Miracle and Stellar Encounters

Bluewaters Island is the latest masterpiece from Dubai creators, which promises to become an entertainment hub. Located next to Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Beach Residence, this island offers impressive views of the city and the Arabian Gulf. The Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, the world’s largest, is becoming a key attraction on the island, although it is temporarily closed for renovations.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

The Madame Tussauds wax museum, the first in the Middle East, offers tourists selfies with celebrities including Donald Trump and Jackie Chan. Seven themed rooms and 60 wax figures of world superstars make this place unique.

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Fun and Luxury on Bluewaters Island

The island also offers a shopping area, restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s famous Hell’s Kitchen, and the luxurious Caesars Palace Dubai Hotel. The newly opened Venus Ristorante & Beach Club in Julius Tower adds another attractive destination.

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Caesars Palace Dubai: Greek Luxury by the Arabian Gulf

Caesars Palace Dubai, the first hotel in the Middle East from the Las Vegas-based Caesars brand, combines Greek style with Arabian luxury. This “resort town” offers a stunning private beach and magnificent views of the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, making it an attractive destination for tourists and locals, despite the lack of a casino.

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