Alternative to Supermarkets: 11 Grocery Ordering Services in the UAE

1:22 pm  |  21.07.2021
11 Grocery Ordering Services in the UAE

The Internet is actively changing the retail industry. And last but not least, this applies to such a familiar thing as shopping. We have collected 11 popular online grocery ordering services that replace the exhausting process of going to the supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates.

Fruitful Day

This fresh fruit delivery service was created by four women. The company offers a subscription service that allows you to plan delivery times. It can be canceled or postponed at the request of the user. A 125 AED ($ 34) box contains 15 to 20 varieties of fruit for 25 servings. Mangoes, pineapples, and melons are shipped sliced, while blueberries and cherries are already washed and ready to eat. All products are fresh and seasonal. A trial box costs AED 100 ($ 27.2). Customers are notified by email prior to delivery, which is due to arrive within 24 hours.

The Fruit Box

The Fruit Box was born in 2014 thanks to Linda Lu and her husband as a fruit delivery service to the office, but later the business outgrew its niche, and delivery to customers’ homes became its main focus. The 95 AED ($ 25.9) fruit box weighs six kilograms and contains 40 servings of 15 fresh, seasonal, and in-demand fruits. Specific names can be changed at will. The order arrives at the customer’s door less than 24 hours after being placed. Free delivery within Dubai is provided. In other emirates, it is 20 dirhams ($ 5.4).


This service is focused on organic products. It was created last year by three Frenchmen from Dubai and offers a subscription model. 

You can choose both European products and local ones. Fruits, vegetables, and eggs arrive chilled and packaged in brown paper bags to ensure freshness and readiness for processing. A set of fruits and vegetables costs 129 dirhams ($ 35), vegetables only – 149 dirhams ($ 40.5), fruits only – 119 dirhams ($ 32.4). Delivery is free five days a week in the UAE and is carried out the next day after registration. It is possible to suspend a subscription.

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Download the app to your smartphone and find out where the nearest shipping store is located, for example, Al Maya supermarket if you live on Reem Island. The service allows you to choose from a variety of products. Everything from tender chicken breast to birthday candles will be on your doorstep in 45 minutes. You can pay in cash on delivery or use a card. If you ordered an item that is out of stock, the app will send you a notification and offer a replacement.

Quality Food

This service allows you to create an order from an assortment of fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood and plan delivery. All products are fresh and natural. Orders over AED 100 ($ 27.2) will be shipped free of charge. In other cases, you will need to pay an additional 20 dirhams.


Kibsons lets you choose from an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Also, this service can replace the traditional purchase of meat, chicken, and fish. All products are delivered in containers. Nuts, as well as healthy drinks and dairy products, are also available to order. Even if you place your order late in the evening, you can receive it the next morning at no additional cost.


For a minimum fee of AED 150 ($ 40.8), you can count on a variety of fresh fish. The service was created at the beginning of this year. 

He delivers fresh seafood from around the world right to your door. The site offers to choose fish, which can be whole, prepared in portions or in the form of fillets. The order will be shipped within 24 hours after confirmation. It is delivered six days a week. The fish comes fresh, packed in sealed containers. In the coming months, the service plans to expand its service outside of Dubai.

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Take a little time to indicate your shopping preferences with the BulkWhiz mobile app and you will never have to do it again. The service focuses on recurring purchases, allowing you not to waste time compiling the same type of lists and the shopping process itself. Goods will arrive every two weeks. This is especially important for categories such as household cleaners, laundry detergents, and so on.


The variety of fish available in the service is stunning. Amina Shabida from India created Arabind in 2013 based on her own need: she could not find fresh fish at an affordable price. Customers can browse the site, add items to their cart, and schedule delivery times. Products arrive fresh and well packaged. There is an opportunity to buy frozen and defrosted fish. Popular appellations include salmon and shrimp fillets, as well as local fish. The peculiarity of Arabind is the ability to specify in what specific form a particular product should be delivered.


Springbok launched the application this summer, but at that time the service was already well known in the UAE. This Premium Meat Delivery allows you to order fresh produce free of harmful additives. For example, the AED 295 ($ 80.3) Mid-Week Madness basket includes 1kg natural steaks, 1kg gourmet burgers, 1kg meatballs, 1kg marinated lamb skewers, and 1kg chicken thighs.

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My Quality and Convenience

If you are a fan of Italian products, this ordering service is exactly what you need. Fresh organic vegetables, pasta and sauces, and a weekly AED 150 ($ 40.8) box of fruits and vegetables are the main benefits of My Quality and Convenience. They sell products from various Italian brands and offer free shipping throughout Dubai.

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