Al Thuraya Astronomy Center: Interesting World of Science

11:18 am  |  12.06.2023
Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

Anyone looking for astronomy on vacation in Dubai should visit the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, where you can also take a look into world dreams. So this is of course an insider tip among the Dubai attractions.

Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

Mushrif Park and the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

There are countless attractions that you can do as a tourist in the emirate. You can say there is something for everyone there. But something very special that many do not know at all is the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. First of all, you have to be interested in astronomy and of course, this educational institution is not located in the city center so that you can reach it quickly.

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But if you want to have a look at it then this is definitely recommended as it is a spectacular building from the outside. There you learn a lot about space and from Dubai, you can, of course, observe it wonderfully because of the climate. You have a particularly good view of the world of stars from the desert when it is particularly clear.

Address and Location

As you have already learned, the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is a bit outside of the city center and you definitely need a car to get there. This cannot be reached with public transport such as the Dubai Metro. We recommend taking over a rental car immediately upon arrival at Dubai International Airport.

By the way, you can return it there and that’s very practical. You can then go anywhere you want by car. Incidentally, this educational institution is located in the so-called Mushrif Park and can be reached quickly from the City Center Mirdif. The distance is only six kilometers and you can get there in a good ten minutes by car. If you want then you can combine these optimally.

Opening Times

Astronomy Center in Dubai

The Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is open Monday through Thursday between 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM. It opened later on Friday, at 4:00 p.m. Incidentally, the same opening times apply again from Saturday to Sunday. For a visit, you should plan at least two to three hours there as there is a lot to discover. Furthermore, you have to go there by car and from downtown Dubai, it is about 20 kilometers to get there. So it’s best to plan half an afternoon straight away.

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Pay Admission

Basically, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee there. But because the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is in Mushrif Park, you have to pay an entrance fee of 10 dirhams. But that’s not very much, so you should also have a look at the beautiful park. By the way, this is also the largest in Dubai. When you arrive at the educational institution you can have a look around for free.

But if you want to do something like telescope observation or solar observation, you have to pay a fee for it. There is also the Planetarium Show or the Astro Cinema. The Virtual Reality, Mars Landing Game, and the Airplane Simulator are also very interesting. You can do a lot there and it will definitely not be boring.

First Floor

The Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is divided into two floors, both of which are very interesting. Therefore you should plan enough time there so that you can look at everything carefully. The Astro Academy is on the first floor. The Innovation Lab, Terrestrial Lab, Inspiration Lab, and Invention Lab are located there. You can learn a lot there and look at every one.

The M46 Observatory 

Particularly interesting for visitors is The Observatory M46 which is one of the highlights in the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. It is open to visitors and is also the first public observatory in the United Arab Emirates. A tour there is also very interesting and you will definitely be delighted if you are interested in astronomy and space.

First of all, you should know that not everyone can afford expensive telescope equipment. So a visit to the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is a good idea, where you can practically rent this once. Then you also have the opportunity to look into space yourself and see the impressive planets and stars. But of course, it has to be dark there so that you can see something.

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Our Opinion

The visit to the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is definitely very interesting for tourists who want to look into space. Furthermore, you learn a lot about astronomy and you can also continue your education there if you want while on vacation. Everything is up to date as one is used to from the emirate of Dubai. A car is necessary to get there. One should know that.

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