Al Qudra Cycle Path: A Nice Bike Tour in Dubai

6:20 pm  |  20.09.2021
Al Qudra Cycle Path: A Nice Bike Tour in Dubai

In the Emirate of Dubai, it is also possible to take a bike tour through the desert on the Al Qudra Cycle Path. With a length of 86 kilometers, it is particularly long and suitable for both beginners and professionals. For many, this is an unforgettable vacation experience.

Information on the Al Qudra Cycle Path

Those who like to travel by bike can now also do this in Dubai. You definitely don’t imagine that you can ride your bike around in the desert. But that is possible on the Al Qudra Cycle Path and still an insider tip. Many tourists do not yet know this at all. You just want to visit the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall. But a tour is beautiful there and that is also a nice excursion that you can do. Furthermore, it is very cheap and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. So you can combine sightseeing and sport there if you want.

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Where is the Racetrack Located?

The Al Qudra Cycle Path in Dubai

However, the Al Qudra Cycle Path is far from the city center, practically in the middle of the desert. But it is definitely worth going there and you will be impressed by the landscape. If you go on a bike tour there then this is an experience. It is best to have a rental car. Then drive to Al Qudra Road. We recommend entering the address into the GPS navigation device. Otherwise, the road will not be easy to find. You can’t get there by taxi either. There are certainly not very many drivers willing to go there. Furthermore, you have to come back again. Then a car is certainly the better choice. You shouldn’t forget that you have to transport your bike somewhere.

You Can Rent a Bike There

You cannot rent a bike directly on the Al Qudra Cycle Path. But there are many bike dealers in the city who are happy to rent a bike for a day or a few hours, for example. With this one then has to drive into the desert. However, by car and not yourself. Because the distance is then simply too far away.

There is a shop near the track where you can buy spare parts if you need them. But you should take a close look at the bike beforehand to see whether it is suitable for it. If you are in the middle of the desert then you certainly have a problem. We always recommend doing this tour in a group and not alone. It may well be that you are completely alone there and no one comes.

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Length of the Loop

As already mentioned, you can cycle up to 86 kilometers. So the Al Qudra Cycle Path is very long and it is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. There are different tours you can do. You can see them on the information boards and then you can drive through them yourself. There is the possibility to do a tour that lasts only 1 hour or several hours.

Ride a bike on the Al Qudra Cycle Path

We recommend that beginners do the short tour so that you can get an impression of whether you can get along there or not. If you are fit enough then you can do the longer route. Or you just join a group and that is certainly very convenient.

If you cycle through the desert for a few hours, you should definitely take enough water with you. There is no supermarket there where you can buy something quickly. So this is very important. Many always underestimate the temperatures in the desert. If you then do some sport, your body needs a lot of water. So you should prepare well before a tour so that you can enjoy it.

Do You Have to Pay Admission There?

The circular route is really nicely laid out and certainly, another city in the world would require entry there. But the Al Qudra Cycle Path can be used for free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. You can drive around there every day if you want. This is very practical and many holidaymakers are not yet familiar with it.

Opening Times

There is also no need to adhere to opening times. However, you should only cycle on the Al Qudra Cycle Path during the day. A good tip is certainly to drive there early in the morning at sunrise. Then you have the advantage that the temperatures are very pleasant. Furthermore, this is very impressive to drive there.

Just Cycle Through the Desert on the Al Qudra Cycle Path

As a tourist, you already know the well-known attractions Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. But not many tourists know that you can cycle through the desert on a bike. This is still an insider tip that you should take advantage of. Especially if you enjoy cycling at home, you will get your money’s worth there. Furthermore, the location is of course breathtakingly beautiful and you certainly can’t do that every year. A big advantage is certainly that you can do this spontaneously with friends if you feel like it. Surely this is also interesting to cut calories if you have eaten too many sweets in the luxury hotels of Dubai.

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Our Opinion

As before, the Al Qudra Cycle Path is an insider tip and it’s always a lot of fun to be out there by bike. You will find many extraordinary attractions in Dubai such as Ski Dubai where you certainly did not expect to go skiing there. Then you still have the opportunity to ride your bike through the deserts there. By the way, you don’t have to be a professional cyclist there and anyone can do this. If you want you can join a group where it’s even more fun. There you can also learn a lot of insider tips that you would otherwise probably not find out.

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