Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dubai Package Tour: Useful Information

9:12 pm  |  04.11.2021
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dubai Package Tour

Here we will once explain the advantages and disadvantages of a Dubai package. There you can save a lot of money or not if you do this wrong.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dubai Package?

Burj Khalifa in the evening

The traditional travel agency is still very popular with many because this is usually located in the city. Furthermore, you can advise you there on-site about the destination. Unfortunately, it is usually so the employees do not know about every destination. 

Thus, this can only sell the journey. In a travel agency usually, only vacation packages are sold by your tour operators. There you can go safely that everything is well organized and also works. In recent years, there are also more and more bookings that are handled over the Internet. There you can then put together the journey yourself on how to have that. But there it is also possible to book the same package holiday as a travel agency around the corner.

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First of course you should ask yourself the question for whom a Dubai package is recommended. In our opinion, this is suitable for tourists who make for the first time in the United Arab Emirates vacation. There you then have the advantage that you book a travel package where then the flight, transfer, and the hotel are included. You pay there a total price and the tour operator then organizes everything. Thus, you then need to worry about anything if there are also problems. Furthermore, you also have the advantage that you have on-site in Dubai support from a travel agency. This helps with problems you may have during the journey and you can also book excursions and tours there.


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With a Dubai package tour, you do not get exactly informed exactly what the individual services have cost. One knows only the total price and must be left on the tour operator. For example, if you know everything yourself in the modular format then you know the prices, for example, the flight cost. Then you have the advantage that you can put together everything yourself like you would like to have. 

For example, one would like to fly to Dubai with a particular airline, such as Emirates Airline. Then a nice hotel on The Palm Jumeirah like the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. Then you buy what you would like to have. With a package holiday, it is often so that you may fly with a charter airline, such as the Condor. Then it can be often that you do not get the hotel that you would like to have.

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What is the Right Thing?

In principle, everyone must decide for himself what he would like to have. We definitely recommend comparing prices. You can now research this yourself on the internet where you get the prices. If then the Dubai package deals with the same services such as hotel and flight are cheaper then you should book these. But these can then be more expensive again. Thus, then it is recommended to organize everything yourself. But if you book everything yourself then you have to take care of everything. That’s a great time for many. This can then be paid by the travel agency as these employees must employ.

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Where Should You Book the Excursions?

Normally, when booking a Dubai package, no trips are no excursions. That is one must always book these themselves. As already mentioned, this can be done at the travel agency on site. Furthermore, you have to know that the prices are mostly more expensive. If you want something cheaper, you should visit our Dubai Ticketshop once. There, the Burj Khalifa ticket can be booked. We always recommend booking the trips and tours you want before the journey. Mostly these are also cheaper and you do not have to work at the box office. Since you already have the ticket you can start with the visit.

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