Address Beach Resort: A Beach Hotel in Dubai with a Unique Infinity Pool

12:05 pm  |  25.11.2021
Address Beach Resort

A spectacular beach hotel in Dubai is the Address Beach Resort where there is an infinity pool on the roof of the hotel where you can enjoy a great view of The Palm Jumeirah and the surrounding skyscrapers.

In the emirate of Dubai, there are numerous and unusual hotels available to tourists where one can stay overnight. That would be, for example, the Atlantis The Palm, or the Burj al Arab. Recently there is another highlight that is definitely recommended for a stay. This is the Address Beach Resort. It is similar to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, for example.

Ain Dubai and Address Beach Resort

There is a similar pool on the roof and of course, you have a wonderful view from there. There is nothing like it in Dubai before and that is why this hotel is so interesting. Of course, you should then, of course, choose the rooms on the upper floors where you have a great view. This is particularly beautiful at night and from there you can see Bluewaters Island and the Ferris wheel Ain Dubai.

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As has already been learned, the Address Beach Resort has a total of 217 rooms and suites. Since this is a very luxurious hotel chain that also operates other hotels in the city, the standard is very high. You can definitely look forward to a lot of luxury there. By the way, the rooms are spread over the floors from 3 to 16. When checking in you should definitely tell the staff at the reception that you would like to have a room on the upper floors. You then get a sensational view.

You should also know that there are rooms with a marina view that are also very nice. There you have a view of the Dubai Marina where you can only see mostly skyscrapers. We always recommend booking a room with a sea view and then you always have a beautiful sea view. You should definitely treat yourself to the extra charge. The rooms also have a balcony, which is unique for such a tall building.

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Gastronomy, Restaurants, and Bars

If you choose this hotel then you have the option to book it with breakfast or half board. In our opinion, the food and breakfast are completely sufficient there as you are in the best location. That means you can walk to numerous restaurants, for example at The Beach where you can find many good restaurants.

The hotel is illuminated in the evening

In the hotel itself, there are five restaurants where you can get good food. The main restaurant is called The Restaurant at Address Beach Resort where breakfast is served. You can help yourself to the large buffet there every morning, which also has warm dishes. You will be pampered there as a hotel guest and you have to be careful not to put on weight in a very short time.

Pool, Sport, and Wellness

The highlight of the whole hotel is of course the spectacular infinity pool on the roof. Incidentally, the pool is located at a height of 310 meters and that is already unique by Dubai standards. Furthermore, this has a length of 100 meters and therefore it is very large what you can imagine. It is important to know that it is an adult pool. So a pool for adults only.

But there are other pools in the hotel and there is something for everyone. Since you are there directly on the beach you can of course also use it where there are numerous beach chairs. We always recommend using both. Then there is a fitness center and you can treat yourself to a massage in the spa area. The hotel definitely offers a lot for the hotel guests and you don’t want to leave it anymore.

Address and Location of the Hotel

The Address Beach Resort in Dubai

The Address Beach Resort certainly has an exceptional location. This means that from there you can reach many of Dubai’s sights on foot and that is very convenient. The distance to Dubai International Airport is approximately 35 kilometers and therefore an airport transfer of 40 to 45 minutes should be expected. But that’s still okay. You can take a taxi or book the shuttle from the hotel.

What Can You Achieve from There?

The location is of course sensational and in close proximity is the island Bluewaters Island with the highest Ferris wheel in the whole world. You should of course also ride there once. You can also take a look at the promenade from The Beach where there are many good shops and restaurants. Furthermore, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is not far away.

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Offers and Prices from Address Beach Resort

Now you are probably wondering where you can book the hotel at all. If you need a free and non-binding offer then you can contact the Dubai travel agency. There are always good offers and prices from Address Beach Resort. We always recommend contacting a provider who is also familiar with the location and has the necessary knowledge.

Our Opinion

The Address Beach Resort is certainly one of the most extraordinary hotels where you can stay. Certainly, the attraction is the infinity pool on the roof. Incidentally, this is very large, but if every hotel guest would like to sunbathe there then it can get tight. So you should always be there early so that you can still secure a good spot.

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