Abu Dhabi Driver’s License: How to Get a Driver’s License in Abu Dhabi

1:01 pm  |  23.02.2021
Abu Dhabi Driver's License

Each country has its own rules for obtaining and processing documents. To learn how to drive a car, pass an exam and get a license, you also need to know many nuances and become familiar with them in advance. Today we will tell you about how to get a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates if you come from Russia. To get a license, for example, in Abu Dhabi and to get to work, not in public transport, you need to go through training and collect documents.

If you are an emigrant from Russia and without a license

A friend of mine decided to move to Abu Dhabi from the cold city of Murmansk. In Russia, he did not have a driver’s license. Cold, snow, rubber change, and an office a stone’s throw from home did not motivate people to buy a car and get a license. At the new place of residence, there was a job with three times more pay and a desire to make my life more comfortable. It remains only to pass on the license. Having studied the features of local driving on the passenger side, I decided that when he became a driver, he would not break the rules and would try to drive carefully. Still not knowing all the nuances of obtaining rights, he got down to business.

If you don’t have a driver’s licence at all

To obtain a driver’s license, a resident and expat in Abu Dhabi will need:

  1. Be 18 years of age;
  2. Have a resident visa, which was issued by the emirate in which you get your license;
  3. Register with a company that will train you. This company must have a license to study;
  4. Take a theoretical course on car construction, driving and pass an exam;
  5. Complete practical driving training;
  6. Get a certificate from the instructor that you can take the exam;
  7. Pass the exam successfully and enjoy self-driving.

And you will also need documents: a copy and original of an identity document, a copy of the Emirates ID, a copy of the UAE resident visa, a photo 3 * 4 in the amount of 4 pieces, a medical certificate with the results of an eye test. Also, be prepared for the vision test at the driving school itself.

Employer’s consent is not needed 

If earlier the employer’s consent was required to obtain the rights, now it is not needed. Waiters, home workers, salespeople, construction workers were generally deprived of the opportunity to pass on the rights. Having a driver’s license increases the chances not only of employment itself but also of the prestige of future work.

If you already have a driver’s license, can you drive with it

The UAE law of 1986 prohibited driving a car unless you have a local driving license. But times are changing, and now if you issue an international driver’s license when leaving the Russian Federation in advance, you can immediately drive a car upon arrival in Abu Dhabi.

After getting your driver’s license, don’t forget about the traffic rules

The main difference between the rules in Abu Dhabi and the Russian traffic rules is that the interference is on the left. The speed of movement in the city is no more than 60 km / h, on small streets up to 40 km / h, movement on the highway is allowed up to 120 km / h. Control over the speed limit is carried out not only by the police but also by automatic cameras installed everywhere.

And in order not to lose your driver’s license, be responsible for driving and following the rules. Do not exceed the speed limit, because this is not only your safety but also your money.

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