12 Tips How to Pay in Dubai: How Should You Pay as a Tourist in Dubai

9:30 pm  |  28.09.2021
12 Tips How to Pay in Dubai

Here you get a lot of tips on how to pay in Dubai. The local currency is the dirham and we recommend this currency to be preferred. There you have no fluctuations in the exchange rate or other fees.

It is Best to always Pay in Dirhams

The currency of Dubai is the U.A.E. Dirham and you have to pay with this in all emirates. It doesn’t matter if you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Ras al Khaimah. If you have this currency then you can pay in all emirates without any problems, which is very practical. As already mentioned, you don’t have any exchange rate fluctuations and thus you have more of your money. As a tourist, you have to know that the currency is pegged to the US dollar.

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You Can Also Pay in Euros or US Dollars

Dirham bills and coins

As a rule, it is not possible to pay with euros or US dollars in Dubai. It may well be that, for example, in the Gold Souk Dubai this is accepted when you buy a ring for a few hundred euros. Then the trader is also happy to accept this currency. But then only on his terms and this then determines the exchange rate. As a rule, you shouldn’t do this and always pay with dirhams, which is best.

Where Should You Get Money Changed?

The topic of exchanging money is of course always very important during the trip. Because you can do a lot wrong there and then you might not get a good course. We always recommend doing this in a large mall like the Dubai Mall. There are many exchange offices that can be recognized by the words “Money Exchange”. You go there and just exchange euros or US dollar bills for dirhams. As a rule, this only takes a few minutes and then you have the new bills in hand.

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Always Pay Attention to the Current Course

Dubai Money Exchange bureau de change

Especially if you want to exchange money in an exchange office then you always have to look at the current rate. Directly in front of it, there is always a display where you can see it. There are then many currencies that exist in the world listed and you can then see how much you get. But you should remember this value and check whether you have received it. The dealers immediately see that you are a tourist and then try to give a worse course. If you notice this you should ask again immediately.

Do not Exchange Money at the Airport in Dubai

If you landed at Dubai International Airport then you might want to buy something in the duty-free area. So you have to pay for this and there is also the option of changing money directly at the airport. But of course, you don’t get a good course there that you can imagine. You should only do this if you urgently need money. Otherwise, it is better to wait until you have found a shopping mall in the city.

Avoid Paying with a Credit Card

It is also very tempting to always pay with a credit card. Because you always have these with you in your wallet and you can use them to pay for practically anything. For many, of course, this is a great advantage. But there you should always take into account that additional fees are charged by the credit card company. Usually, you also get a bad exchange rate there. You only notice this when you get the statement from the credit card company at the end of the month.

Use of ATMs in Dubai

As a rule, you can also find ATMs in the large shopping malls in Dubai. You can recognize this by the label ATM. There you can get the money very quickly and you only need to insert your card. After a few minutes, the first dirham banknotes will come out. Of course, this is also very practical and you can then pay again immediately if you run out of money. But there you have the same problem as with a credit card and there are additional fees.

Contactless Payment is also Possible

It is increasingly possible to make contactless payments all over the world with your smartphone. This is of course also possible in Dubai and very practical. But you should always pay attention to safety there. We recommend not to use this if possible. If you want to do this then you should equip your cell phone with security software. Furthermore, you have to know that you always pay in dirhams on-site in Dubai. The bank at home always settles in euros. Thus there are also fees that can be very high.

Always Pay Smaller Amounts in Cash

For example, if you are traveling by taxi and the trip costs maybe 30 dirhams then you should always pay this amount in cash. Because the driver always expects a tip. Also in the hotel, you should give room service to a few dirhams. Then you have the advantage that you always have a well-cleaned room. Even if you buy something in the supermarket, it is not worth using the card. The fastest way is still with cash and the new modern possibilities cannot keep up there.

Exchange Money at a Local Bank

As a tourist, you also have the option of changing money in a bank in Dubai. This is not a problem there and a passport is usually also required there. You should definitely know that. Otherwise, you may not get any money there. It is also the case that you do not get such a good rate at a bank. We recommend looking for an exchange office in the city where you can get more for your money.

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Travel to Dubai with just a Few Dirhams in Cash

In our opinion, it is always best to travel to Dubai with little cash in dirhams. Then you have the advantage that you can pay on-site without having to go to an exchange office. This amount should then be sufficient for the first few days of vacation. If you are in a large shopping mall then you can have a larger sum exchanged there.

Payment in Dubai

Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. We still recommend paying most of it in cash, although there are many modern options in this day and age. You have to know that there are always additional fees and that you always notice when you are at home. Nothing is added to the cash payment and you just have to make sure that you get a good exchange rate.

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